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Can I Use TikTok's "Triangle Method" To Get My Crush To Fall In Love With Me?

Remember when you’d pour over your favorite lifestyle magazine to read, “10 ways to flirt to make him fall in love with you”? Well, we are so back, baby. All over TikTok, you can find (totally unqualified) people advising on “surefire” ways to get someone interested in you. The latest flirting technique? The triangle method. 

“The triangle method is a discreet, almost unnoticeable but massively powerful method of flirting with the eyes,” Laurel House, a relationship expert for eharmony, tells Betches. “It creates an instant connection.” 

Now, unlike other flirting trends (especially any advice given out by men who refer to themselves as “alpha males”), the triangle method is actually legit. With almost 130 million posts under the tag on TikTok, it’s clearly working for people. Here’s a break down of the triangle method and how to use it to become a flirting pro. I’d take notes if I were you.

What Is The Triangle Method?


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The triangle method is pretty simple; it’s all in the eyes. Start by looking at your person’s right eye and pausing there. Then, slowly drift your eyes to their left eye and pause again. Finally, you will move your eyes to their lips, pause, and then look back at the right eye you started with. And voila! You’ve done the triangle method.

Now, if you look confused or nervous while doing this, it will probably just weird them out.

“More than connecting the triangle points with your eyes, it’s important to be aware of your expression,” Laurel says. You want to ensure that the muscles behind your eyes and lips are relaxed and that you keep a soft gaze. You need to breathe during this entire process.

“Your exhale will subconsciously but palpably make your person of interest relax and feel comfortable within your gaze,” she says.

Does The Triangle Method Actually Work?

A lot of the “flirting techniques” out there are usually a bunch of bullshit if we’re being honest. However, according to Laurel, the triangle method is the real deal. “But keep in mind that even if you feel like you have perfected the various flirting strategies, you still have zero control of the other person and, therefore, of the outcome,” Laurel says. So even if the triangle method or any other flirting technique doesn’t work on the specific person you’re trying for, that doesn’t mean it won’t work on someone else.

Flirting is usually most successful when the person you’re targeting feels safe, sexy, and seen. “When you make them feel attractive and attracted, interesting and interested, you have succeeded in the triangle method flirt and with any flirt,” Laurel explains.

But you want to make sure you don’t cross the line into making someone feel totally uncomfortable. As long as your smile is sweet (and not creepy) and keeps it light, it should do wonders.

Are There Other Flirting Techniques I Should Know About?

Learning that the triangle method is legit might make you wonder what other flirting techniques you should keep in your arsenal. Well, Laurel gave us a whole list.

“Be Candy”

This involves giving out a flirt (yes, we’re making it a noun) like candy. “You don’t expect anything back from them, just because you give them something,” Laurel says.

“2 pm/11 pm” 

I’d pull out an analog clock for reference if you’re not good at telling time. “If your person of interest is standing at 12 o’clock, slightly shift your body, angling your front shoulder to a 2 o’clock position, with your back shoulder at 8 o’clock,” Laurel explains.

“Secret Smile” 

In the words of Tyra Banks, smize girl! “More effective than a big expansive smile, only give a little secret smile,” Laurel says. It’s giving Regency era. 

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad is a sex & dating writer at Betches despite not remembering the last time she was in a relationship. Just take her word for it.