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Breaking Down Everything We Know About Brock's Kids And First Marriage

One of the most wholesome parts of the 11th season of Vanderpump Rules was watching how much Scheana and Brock care about being new parents (I mean there wasn’t a lot of competition for heartwarming moments, to be fair, but still). Yes, Brock is far too loud and wrong in women’s business and also sometimes dresses like a magician, but he’s still a good dad and partner to Scheana who really needed the support while working through her post-partum OCD. But all the talk of their progress on their journey in parenting with Summer Moon during Part 1 of the season 11 reunion brought the obvious question back to the surface: What’s the deal with Brock’s kids back in Australia? Here’s everything we know about the sensitive situation with Brock and his ex.

Has Brock seen his kids?

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After confirming Scheana and Brock had recently been in Australia, Andy asked Brock if he was able to see his kids Eli and Winter while in town (which is especially wild considering that town is halfway across the world). Brock unfortunately answered no. Even though Brock says he’s been up to date for years now on his overdue child support and is on better terms with his ex-wife, his kids still aren’t ready to restart the relationship and Brock would rather approach them on good terms than legally force the issue.

When was the last time Brock saw his kids?

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As of season 9 of VPR in 2021, Brock hadn’t spoken to his kids in four years. That would mean it’s now been close to seven years since Brock has seen his children face to face, in person, or on FaceTime. Scheana and Brock did recently share the relationship with Brock’s ex has improved, and he now receives pictures of his older kids in addition to regular communication with his former wife.

What happened with Brock’s ex?

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As he shared on VPR, Brock’s relationship from 13 years ago had issues from the beginning; they were teenagers in a volatile relationship. After they moved to France with their newborn son for Brock to pursue rugby, the relationship became increasingly toxic but the couple stuck together after finding out his ex was pregnant with their daughter and they eventually moved back to Australia together. Brock admitted on the show that “there was an instance one time. And I did slap my partner. I did. I’m not proud of that.” In response to their progressively deteriorating relationship, his ex-partner’s family pressed domestic violence charges against Brock but the charges were ultimately dropped.

They stayed together even through moving to America but things didn’t work out. After their final separation, the ex moved back to Australia with their kids and Brock has not seen them since. Brock later elaborated that his inability to pay child support also contributed to his ex “tak[ing] his children away” but recently updated on his podcast that he’s achieving his “goal…to be on top of my child support every month and communicate with them”.

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