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We Need To Unpack That Deeply Disturbing 'Under The Bridge' Finale

I need several therapy sessions and cups of calming tea after that explosive Under the Bridge finale episode. The limited series, which is based on a true story, is more profoundly dark and distressing than I ever could have anticipated. Admittedly, I decided to watch the show purely for my queens Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone — who happen to make a great TV couple — but I swiftly got invested in Reena’s story and needed to know what the fuck happened that night under the bridge. Well, I have my answer now and I honestly kind of wish I didn’t know.

The hour-long episode is packed with grief, guilt, and truth-telling, and it explores how people lose sight of and rediscover their humanity. We finally find out what really happened the night of Reena’s murder and who was found guilty in the end. “It’s a lot to process” is the understatement of the century in this case, so allow me to help: Here’s a detailed explanation of everything we learned in the Under the Bridge finale.

Under The Bridge Finale Explained

We Find Out What Really Happened The Night Of Reena’s Murder

Vritika Gupta as Reena Virk in 'Under the Bridge'
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Finally, we get the whole truth about what happened that night via flashback scenes and Warren testifying. After Reena spread rumors about Jo to get back at her for, well, being a bitch, Jo was determined to get revenge. She called up her psycho pal Kelly and together, they brainstormed horrifying ways to hurt and murder Reena. Jo thought they were both bluffing, but clearly, Kelly was taking the convo very seriously. Then, Jo told Dusty that they were planning to beat up Reena as an initiation into the C.M.C. (their gang, Crip Mafia Cartel). Dusty wasn’t thrilled, but came along.

That same day, Warren got the news from his father (a generous term for that man) that he was being kicked out of his house. He grabbed a few belongings and got drunk, reckoning with the reality that he had nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

After the nightmare girl group and Warren beat up Reena under the bridge, most of the kids went home, and Reena crossed the bridge and arrived at a phone booth. Kelly convinced Warren to follow Reena with her and he agreed. They both kicked her and dragged her to the water, which is where Kelly mercilessly drowned her. Warren admits in his second testimony that he did not tell her to stop.

Kelly And Warren Are Both Charged With Second-Degree Murder

Javon Walton as Warren in 'Under the Bridge'
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During his initial trial, Warren leaves out some significant chunks of the story, refusing to reveal what happened on the other side of the bridge. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that he’s lying and he ultimately gets a life sentence after being charged with second-degree murder. It is only after Reena’s mother meets with Warren and offers him forgiveness that he agrees to testify again and tell the truth.

To no one’s surprise, Kelly gives the most batshit testimony imaginable during her own trial. She speaks in a ludicrous fake British accent and completely loses it at one point, repeatedly shrieking that she did not kill Reena… convincing. Although Kelly is found guilty of second-degree murder, the judge is a problematic white woman who only sentences her to five years, citing her good family and good grades as reasons for a chill punishment. It’s an absolutely brutal watch.

Rebecca And Cam Have A Closure Chat

Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone as Rebecca and Cam in 'Under the Bridge'
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Rebecca and Cam talk it out at a bar and it’s a heavy chat. Rebecca explains why she was so quick to defend Warren despite the evidence against him. At first, she thought that he reminded her of her deceased brother Gabe, but she realizes that he actually reminds her of herself. Rebecca says that she and Warren are both “responsible for someone’s death” (because she feels like she wasn’t a great sister to Gabe, who may have taken his own life). Cam assures her that Gabe’s death wasn’t her fault and apologizes for suggesting that in the past.

Cam has some big news for Rebecca: She’s quitting the force and going to find her birth family. When Seven Oakes was forced to shut down after the murder and trials, Cam took a look at her adoption file and discovered that she was part of a horrific program called AIM, Adopt Indian Métis. The program took Native kids from their families and gave them to white families, claiming they’d been severely abused. Cam was raised on lies, but now, she’s setting out to discover her truth.

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