How Did Cara Delevingne Get So Famous? What You Didn’t Know About Her Family

There’s no doubt that Cara Delevingne is one of the most successful models in recent memory. From walking on catwalks all over the world and winning the British Fashion Award for Model of the Year twice, she’s made the jump into movies and TV, and has over 44 million followers on Instagram. Thinking back several years to when Cara first became a “thing”, it almost feels like she was just thrust into our collective consciousness one day, and we all just knew who she was.

So how did that actually happen? Did she accomplish so much because she was the most talented model, or the best actress in the room? You might be inclined to say yes, but honestly, it’s unlikely. I mean, Cara Delevingne’s first modeling job was for Italian Vogue when she was just 10 years old—how does that even happen? Turns out, Cara has a pretty unique family history, and by unique, I mean her family lineage can be traced back to four different kings, including Charlemagne the Great. Yes, really. But if we went back that far, we’d be here for a loooong time, so let’s just focus on the more recent generations of the Delevingne family, stacked with wealth, nobility, and power.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of Cara Delevingne’s relatives: Her maternal grandfather was publishing executive and English Heritage chairman Sir Jocelyn Stevens, the nephew of magazine publisher Sir Edward George Warris Hulton, and the grandson of newspaper proprietor Sir Edward Hulton, 1st Baronet. Her paternal great-grandfather was the Canadian-born British politician Hamar Greenwood, 1st Viscount Greenwood, and her maternal grandmother Janie Sheffield was lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. Through one of her maternal great-great-grandfathers, Sir Lionel Lawson Faudel-Phillips, 3rd Baronet, Delevingne descends from the Anglo-Jewish Faudel-Phillips baronets—two of her ancestors on that line served as Lord Mayor of London. Her godfather is Condé Nast executive Nicholas Coleridge and her godmother is actress Dame Joan Collins.

So, uh, yeah, it’s a lot. But for right now, let’s focus on her mother’s side of the family tree, starting with her grandfather, Sir Jocelyn Stevens. Jocelyn’s parents were super rich, and he became a magazine and newspaper publisher, buying Queen magazine when he was just 25 years old. One of the first photographers he hired was Antony Armstrong-Jones, future husband of Princess Margaret (if you watch The Crown, he’s the hot one that she ends up divorcing). Because Jocelyn was rich AF, he could basically do whatever he wanted, and he ultimately sold Queen on a whim because he was bored. Casual!

Jocelyn married Janie Sheffield, who was Princess Margaret’s lady-in-waiting for 23 years. They ran in the same social circle with Margaret, and were staples of the British society columns until they split in 1979. While they were together, they had five children, one of whom is Pandora, Cara Delevingne’s mother. Pandora a personal shopper at high-end department store Selfridges, a gig she got through her father’s long-term partner, Selfridges heiress Vivien Duffield. Classic nepotism. She was also a socialite, often spotted with Sarah Ferguson (Prince Andrew’s ex-wife). Like her parents before her, she was a popular subject in tabloids in the 1980s.

So basically, it’s not Cara Delevingne’s fault that she’s so successful, but it’s important to realize that she didn’t get so far in her career just because she has good eyebrows working in her favor. She has good eyebrows AND 1,000 years of nepotism working in her favor.

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Cara Delevingne And Ashley Benson Reportedly Broke Up

Okay, on the count of three, say it with me. One, two, three… NOOOOOOOOOOO. We always knew that this extended quarantine period would lead to some celebrity couple breakups, but now they’ve begun, and I’m officially not okay. On Wednesday, E! News reported that Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson have called it quits, and I simply can’t. I could deal with Kristin Cavallari’s divorce, and Aaron Carter’s mess of a relationship, but these two? I really thought they were in it for the long haul.

So far, we’re light on details surrounding Cara and Ashley’s reported split, but E! says that “Cara is enjoying being single and spending time with great friends in quarantine.” From the sound of that, they may have been split up for a while now, but we don’t really know. While Cara and Ashley have been public about their relationship for nearly a year, they’ve never been the kind of couple that constantly posts together. It seems pretty clear that they were together at the beginning of quarantine, but who knows when things went south.

As for which friends Cara is hanging out with right now, that’s also unclear. Early in quarantine, when this still kind of felt like a fun break from real life, Ashley and Cara were hanging out with a famous group including Margaret Qualley, Kaia Gerber, and Tommy Dorfman. They were posting on Instagram, painting each other’s nails, and making TikToks together, but that group dissipated after a few weeks. Whether Cara is still seeing this same group, or she’s around other friends, there’s definitely some sketchy social distancing going on.

Regardless of the details of their reported split, it’s been a good run for Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne. They were first linked publicly nearly two years ago, and were seen hanging out and traveling together throughout the summer of 2018. They kept things casual for their first year together, but they went public last June, in support of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. At that time, Cara told E! that it was approximately their one-year anniversary, so it just felt like the right time. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Since then, they’ve been one of our favorite celeb couples, which is why their split would be such a surprise.

Remember this? I don’t want this to be over!


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My better half

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So for now, we’ll wait for some kind of confirmation about this breakup, but with this kind of thing, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. 2020 is officially the year of not having nice things, and it’s not getting any better. I don’t know how many more celeb breakups we can handle, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last one we hear about by the time quarantine is over.

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5 Celebrities Who Don’t Photoshop The Sh*t Out Of Themselves

Okay, let’s be real, everyone probably Photoshops or Facetunes a little bit. I like to use it to clean up backgrounds, for example, or when my eyebrow hairs are completely out of control. There are ways to use photo editing for good, instead of evil. But I am not for celebs who pretend they have scary Barbie bodies on social media. It’s totally toxic and I think they need to be called out on their bullsh*t. But when I’m not busy doing the Lord’s work with our Photoshop Fail series, I really like seeing celebs who don’t give in to the bullsh*t and post real photos. It’s impossible to know for sure that they don’t edit (if Photoshop is done correctly you should not be able to tell), but at least it’s not done to a ridiculous point. Whatever, fix a flyaway hair, or the lighting, but stop removing ribs. Here are some celebrities we have to shout out for refusing to do toxic Photoshopping.

1. Cara Delevingne

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#truth 😂

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A few years ago, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing Cara’s face. She was the “It Girl” model that sold you every pair of jeans, every line of makeup. Cara is insanely beautiful and thin, but what I like about her is that on social media, she posts real photos right up with her magazine covers. Of course the covers and fancy photoshoots are edited (not by her), but she keeps it real by posting pics of her and her super cool gf Ashley Benson in their real life. That includes acne, bags under the eyes, fine lines, etc. She shows you that the image you see on the runway or in Vogue isn’t real life, and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself.

2. Zendaya

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Had a new shoot come out today and was shocked when I found my 19 year old hips and torso quite manipulated. These are the things that make women self conscious, that create the unrealistic ideals of beauty that we have. Anyone who knows who I am knows I stand for honest and pure self love. So I took it upon myself to release the real pic (right side) and I love it😍😘 Thank you @modelistemagazine for pulling down the images and fixing this retouch issue.

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When you’re as perfect as Zendaya, I’m not even sure what you would edit. But Zendaya has no time for magazine Photoshop bullsh*t, as she called out Modeliste Magazine for their ridiculous manipulation of her body. She’s a badass. So while following her probs won’t help your self-esteem (why is she so perfect?), at least you know she’s the real deal and not advertising faking your body or face.

3. Chelsea Handler

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#TBT to the last day of Chelsea Lately.

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I’ve loved Chelsea Handler since I read My Horiztontal Life like 15 years ago. (Where were my parents? Who was letting me read that as a 14-year-old?) That aside, Chelsea is the first person to tell you that the Hollywood glamour actually takes a sh*t-ton of work. She admits to wearing tons of Spanx, having personal trainers, strict diets, and hours and hours of getting ready just for her own TV shows. I appreciate that while she’s in awesome shape, she only posts pics of her real body and her un-airbrushed face. She’s also adapted to using her platform for good, instead of just making fun of people (although I miss Chelsea Lately A LOT, sorry not sorry).

4. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

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Here is another "pit-stopping" picture to add to the debate. #WillTheRealArmpitPleaseStandUp #nofilter #armpitdiaries

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Models get a bad reputation in the world of Instagram, mostly because they fill their feeds with lies and deceit (looking at you, Hadid sisters). But Priyanka isn’t the typical model. The photos she posts never look airbrushed and her body pics are very much of a fit person’s body, not an emaciated Barbie doll. She even posted this photo to prove she had armpits after Maxim’s disastrous Photoshop job. Apparently, women are no longer allowed to have armpits if they want to be considered attractive. Thanks for that, Maxim.

The only Photoshop she’s guilty of is this hilariously botched Photoshop job to pretend she was at some event with her husband Nick Jonas.

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I’m always with you @nickjonas 😜😍Congratulations @jonasbrothers! I’m so proud of all of you! #sucker

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5. Jennifer Aniston

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I’m just a girl….standing with hair and makeup. A stylist. A photographer. A lighting crew, wind machine, props, and a computer …. asking you to think I woke up like this. 😬😑

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To be fair, Jen’s only been on Instagram for around five minutes, so I’m sure she just hasn’t even discovered Facetune yet. But still, Jen is the definition of aging well, and I don’t even care if she’s had a ton of Botox or work done, because whoever her doctor is did a great job. I like that she doesn’t try to look like she’s 20, she’s just a gorgeous however-old-she-is woman. The Kardashians should take note. All Jen’s pics (you know, all like 10 of them), are unedited/not airbrushed, and she looks amazing in all of them. In the above photo, she even shows us the difference between reality and the professional photoshoot fiction. This is how you do Instagram, people.

Which Celebrity Has The Most Ridiculous Postmates Orders?

Of all the modern technology that improves our lives on a daily basis, I think my favorite category of invention is the food delivery app. Services like Postmates, Uber Eats, and Seamless combine all of my favorite activities: food, being lazy, and spending too much time on my phone. Other than the fact that the delivery fees drain my bank account, what’s not to love? While having unlimited funds for my Postmates habit is basically my dream, it’s a reality for some of our favorite celebrities. Who has the craziest Postmates orders? Let’s find out.

Cara Delevingne

Postmates has a series called “The Receipt,” where they profile a famous person and their ordering habits. The latest subject is Cara Delevingne, who is an icon of thick eyebrows, and also apparently of ordering food. She placed her first Postmates order on Halloween in 2014 (for a bottle of Jack Daniels), and since then she’s spent more than $25,000 on the app.

Among Cara’s top ten spots to order from are Taco Bell, Domino’s and…Sephora? Interesting choice, considering makeup companies probably send her free sh*t left and right, but I guess even supermodels have to buy their own Fenty Beauty products. Just to prove that she’s rich, she also had AirPods delivered last week. Props to Cara for figuring out a way to avoid spending seven hours at the Apple Store. The most expensive thing she’s ever ordered was a $326 vacuum cleaner, which I hate to admit that I’m jealous of.

$25,000 obviously sounds like a lot of money, but if you do the math, that’s like $15 a day since October 2014. I feel confident that Cara can afford that, and I’m seriously tempted to commit to that lifestyle myself. Am I going to end up with a mountain of debt? Maybe.

Kylie Jenner

At the end of 2018, Postmates published an article about all of Kylie Jenner’s orders, and I really learned a lot. They revealed that Kylie spent $10,000 on deliveries last year, which sounds like a lot, but isn’t all that shocking, given that $10,000 probably means to her what $100 means to me, and that I’ve spent way more than $100 on Postmates in the past year. Kylie’s most-ordered item was a cream cheese bagel, because apparently carbs and dairy have no affect on her. I’m not jealous.

My favorite stat about Kylie’s ordering is that she once ordered four times within 10 minutes:

2:07 PM, 6-pack macaron ice cream sandwiches from Milk
2:11 PM, penne Bolognese from Mauro’s Café at Fred Segal
2:13 PM, taquitos, Mexican rice, enchiladas and a tostada salad from Casita del Campo
2:17 PM, truffle “Impossible Burger” from Umami Burger

I know she was getting food at the set of a photo shoot, but it still sounds ridiculous. Her Postmates total will probably be a lot lower this year, considering that she’ll no longer be ordering food for Jordyn Woods all the time.

John Legend

Postmates also did a post about John Legend’s ordering habits, but I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t tell us how much he’s spent overall. It’s probably more than I make in a year, considering that he’s ordered over 600 times. He’s also ordered in 27 different cities, as opposed to Kylie Jenner, who barely leaves her mansion in Calabasas. I now know for sure that John is the man of my dreams, because he once ordered $700 of sushi from Nobu. Why isn’t this my life?

It looks like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend actually share an account, so some of the more bizarre orders on the account are definitely from Chrissy. For example, she once accidentally ordered 25 bottles of A1 steak sauce, so that’s relatable. Honestly, I might move to LA and become a Postmates driver just so I have a chance of meeting Chrissy Teigen.

apparently if u put in "5" under quantity on Postmates AND say "5 bottles!" in the description, they…get you 25. I thought FIVE was a lot

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) September 22, 2017

Post Malone

Say what you will about Post Malone, but he’s definitely way richer than all of us. Back in October, TMZ reported that Post had spent over $40,000 on Postmates in the past year, which is…truly wild. I’ve always suspected Post Malone and I had something and common, and I finally figured it out: most of his delivery orders were from fast food restaurants like Popeyes, KFC, and Burger King. On one occasion, he specifically asked Chick-Fil-A to send “the largest nugget tray they had.” A man after my own heart, truly. After all that drunk food, Post Malone also used Postmates to prepare for the ensuing hangover, once ordering three bottles of grape Pedialyte. Respect.

Post Malone, and also me:
So the moral of the story is that all of these celebrities are rich and can order whatever the f*ck they want on Postmates. Must be nice. My initial plan was to totally roast Post Malone and co. for their ordering habits, but I would definitely do the same thing if I had that kind of money. But also, who am I kidding, I’ve ordered food three times in the last week. RIP my bank account, it’s been real.

Images: Giphy (2); @chrissyteigen / Twitter

Revolve Is Getting Slammed For This Gross Fat-Shaming Sweatshirt

Look out Goop, Revolve is on its way to take your spot as the least relatable brand on the planet. In their latest “wait, what?” moment, Revolve released, and subsequently removed a sweatshirt with the quote “Being fat is not beautiful, it’s an excuse.” Obviously, the internet was quick to call them out for their sh*tty decision making, because this isn’t 2007 anymore and graphic tees with questionable slogans being sold at Abercrombie is no longer a thing that anyone has time for. *Kourtney Kardashian voice* There’s people that are dying. Oh and, just to make this more of a face palm situation, Lena Dunham, Cara Delevingne and a bunch of other models are involved. Because, of course.

Luckily, queen of shade Tess Holliday snagged some receipts and publicly called out Revolve before the sweatshirt was taken down.

LOLLLLL @REVOLVE y’all are a mess.

— Tess Holliday ???? (@Tess_Holliday) September 12, 2018

According to Fashionista, the product was one of five sweatshirts that were created in a collection for LPA. Each one included something terrible that was said to Lena Dunham, Emily Ratajkowski, Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse and Paloma Elsesser (who was the one told that being fat is not beautiful, it’s an excuse). It was meant to be a campaign addressing cyberbullying, as exhibited by the barely visible Instagram handles on the sweatshirts and literally nothing else. Like, seriously, someone actually thought it was a good idea to create that sweatshirt, throw it on a thin model, and not explain the point behind it. Smart!

In the most on-brand statement of her life, Lena Dunham posted this painting to her Instagram with a long caption explaining the intention behind the collection while distancing herself from the project and announcing donation to the charities of Emily, Cara, Suki and Paloma’s choices. She also called out Revolve and suggested they cough up some money to try and fix this mess. Revolve later told People that it would be making a $20,000 contribution to Girls Write Now, the charity that the collaboration was originally intended to benefit.


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For months I’ve been working on a collaboration with LPA through parent company @revolve – sweatshirts that highlight quotes from prominent women who have experienced internet trolling & abuse. This is a cause very close to my heart and the proceeds were meant to benefit charities that help young women by empowering them to express themselves through writing and art. Without consulting me or any of the women involved, @revolve presented the sweatshirts on thin white women, never thinking about the fact that difference and individuality is what gets you punished on the Internet, or that lack of diversity in representation is a huge part of the problem (in fact, the problem itself.) As a result, I cannot support this collaboration or lend my name to it in any way. I am deeply disappointed in @revolve’s handling of a sensitive topic and a collaboration rooted in reclaiming the words of internet trolls to celebrate the beauty in diversity and bodies and experiences that aren’t the industry norm. *** I’d like to especially extend my love and support to @palomija, whose quote was the first to be promoted and mangled. She’s a hero of mine. Like me, she gave her quote in good faith and shared her vulnerability in order to support arts education and to spread her message of empowerment, and she wasn’t consulted in the marketing. Not an ounce of negativity should be sent her way. *** My only goal on this planet is to empower women through art and dialogue. I’m grateful to every woman who shared a quote and so disappointed that our words were not honored. As a result, I will be making a donation to the charity of every woman’s choice who was wronged with me and I hope that @revolve will join me with a contribution of their own. *** P.S. This Rubens painting makes me happy because it’s about women joining in love, but he didn’t recognize diversity at all- he just loved curvy butts. Problematic fave.

A post shared by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

I’m pretty conflicted here. I mean, the intention behind the collaboration definitely sounds cool as like, an initial idea. It kind of reminds me of every time I’ve ever been like, “oh my god, I have an idea for an app/podcast/other sizable project I’m going to realize is a bad idea once I start actually thinking it through.” Like, yeah it would be great to have a collection of clothing that addresses internet trolling. But maybe, Revolve, using a skinny model and selling a sweatshirt that says “Being fat is not beautiful, it’s an excuse” is a miss, considering I can’t imagine anybody except hateful fat-shamers who would dare wear this shirt out in public? IDK, I’m not a professional! Also, if a sweatshirt needs a long-winded explanation to not appear as offensive, maybe it’s just offensive.

Images: tess_holliday / Twitter; lenadunham / Instagram

Cara Delevingne And Ashley Benson Are Definitely A Thing

In a summer full of crazy celeb couple news, things just keep getting better. Back in May, we discussed the major rumor that Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson were dating. At the time, things were very unclear, and the most evidence we had to go on were some photos of them holding hands. Well, today we’ve got some major #cashley news: Cara and Ashley were spotted making out at London Heathrow Airport, and I TOLD YOU SO. Two of our biggest girl crushes are definitely together, and I really love it.

Check out these receipts.

Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson

Want to know what I love less? Cara’s waist-length cornrows. It’s 2018, do we really still need to have this conversation? I’m not the right person to hash out all of the issues surrounding cultural appropriation, but I’m kind of annoyed that no one in Cara’s life knows better. She’s not a 12-year-old girl who just got back from vacation in Jamaica. I am, however loving both of these ladies’ comfy airport style, which is still more put together than I look for an average day.

If the original timeline still stands, this means that Cara and Ashley have been seeing each other for at least a few months. This is pretty major, especially considering that we never really knew about Ashley dating any women prior to Cara. Tbh I wouldn’t be that surprised to learn that Cara is a witch with magical bisexual powers.

We haven’t seen much of Cara and Ashley together, but clearly things have been going well. Honestly, these days it’s surprising that they’re not engaged yet. Still, something about these two just strikes me as a really great coupling. Not like I know them personally or anything, but it makes sense that they vibe well together. Hopefully we see much more of them together, just maybe with a different hairstyle.

Images: Steve Bagness /

Why Everyone Thinks Cara Delevingne Is Dating A ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star

Remember 2014-2015, when everyone was, like, obsessed with Cara Delevingne? After inventing full eyebrows and starring in campaigns for basically every designer in the world, she decided to become an actress. Classique. In the time since then, her acting career has gone okay, but we’ve largely stopped caring, until now. Well, I still don’t give a shit about the latest Hunger Games rip-off she’s acting in, but I am interested in her dating choices. Cara is openly bisexual, but it only really makes the news when she’s dating a girl, because that’s where we’re at in society ATM. Cool. Anyway, Cara famously dated indie musician St. Vincent a couple years ago, and pretty recently she was listed to famous child/rando Paris Jackson. At one point, there were even rumors that she was hooking up with Selena Gomez, which Selena’s mom definitely would have cried about. But now it looks like Cara may have a new woman, and I am shook. The internet thinks Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars are dating, which I did not see coming, not even a little bit.

In the past, Ashley has mainly dated guys (as far as we know), so it’s an exciting development if Cara is getting her to swim in the ~lady pond~. I hate myself too, okay? Ash has been linked to hot random dudes like Taylor Lautner and Chord Overstreet (fish lips kid from Glee), but most famously she dated Tyler Blackburn, the skeezy looking hottie who played Caleb on PLL. Tbh, if Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are together, it would be a major upgrade for Ash from those boring hot men.

Eloise x 3

A post shared by Ashley Benson (@ashleybenson) on

So why do we think Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are dating? Well, mostly because they were seen holding hands over the weekend—which, admittedly, is tenuous at best—but also because this pairing would make PERFECT sense. Think about it. Cara’s type is clearly hot women who seem a little edgy or mysterious, and Ashley fits right in. People online are already trying to make #Cashley a thing, which I hate, but also whatever, get it trending.

A post shared by Ashley Benson (@ashleybenson) on

In the photo above, it really looks like it’s Cara who’s standing behind Ashley on the balcony. Just zoom in on that eyebrow—that’s all the proof I need. I have many questions; first and foremost, what I have to do to afford an apartment like that in New York. Seriously. But also, what is happening here? Did Cara sleep over? Did Cara *wink* sleep over *wink*? Was Cara actually trying to hide in the picture, in which the mystery photographer did a terrible job? Gah, I just really need them to confirm things one way or the other.

So yeah, until Cara is seen hanging out with a new hot girl a month from now, I’m just going to try to will it into existence that Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are definitely together. Seems logical, right?

Images: Shutterstock; ashleybenson / Instagram (2)

Cara Delevingne’s First Music Video Proves She Shouldn’t Quit Her Day Job

In case you haven’t heard, Cara Delevingne has a new movie out, and it’s a big fucking flop at the box office. It’s called Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and it looks absolutely terrible. Rihanna is also a supporting character in the movie, and her character is named Bubble, so you have an idea of what you’re in for.

Anyway, Cara decided to sing one of the songs for the soundtrack, and now it has a video to go with it. And they both fucking suck. It’s called “I Feel Everything,” and it basically just sounds like some girl and her guitarist boyfriend “jamming” and “feeling jazzy” around a bonfire or some shit. Cara’s voice is okay, but the song is a waste of time much like my last relationship.

The video features Cara wearing a navy blue suit and a bunch of different wigs, both for no apparent reason. She wears one wig that looks like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, which is fitting because I would rather give up my legs and voice to an evil sea witch than go see this movie.

Cara Delevingne Music Video

Part way through the video, Cara gets covered in a shitload of CGI butterflies, which look about as real as Ludacris’ abs in the “Vitamin D” video (#neverforget). Flubber also makes an appearance, in case you’ve been wondering what he’s been up to in the past 10 years.

Cara Delevingne

Moral of the story: why? Why this movie, why this song, why this video? Also, sorry Cara sweetie, but when you have Rihanna in your movie, you should probably just sit this one out and let her do the soundtrack. Valerian is in theaters now, but you should probably save your money for brunch or some earplugs to wear when this song comes on.