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Everything You Need To Know About Sherri Papini, The IRL Gone Girl

We’re in luck: There’s a brand new horrifying true crime documentary for us to obsess over. I’m talking about Hulu’s Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini, of course. The docuseries tells the story of Sherri Papini faking her own abduction back in 2016, and it explores the six-year investigation that followed. After authorities discovered that Sherri orchestrated the elaborate hoax, she was sentenced to 18 months in prison in September 2022. She was released in August 2023, and nearly a year later, she’s back in the spotlight because of this documentary. It’s only natural for us to wonder: Where is  Sherri  Papini today? Does she have job? A boyfriend? Here’s the 411 on Sherri’s life today.

Where Is Sherri Papini Today?

What Happened To Sherri Papini?

So, Sherri famously faked her own kidnapping in 2016. The mother of two was ~missing~ for 22 days before she showed up on a highway in Sacramento, California, injured and weighing less than 90 pounds. At the time, she claimed that she was taken by two Hispanic women while she was on a jog.

She was eventually charged with making false statements and mail fraud when it came to light that she was just chilling at an ex-boyfriend’s home that whole time. Sherri injured herself — and her ex helped — in order to make her story seem legit. Commitment…

What Has Sherri Papini’s Ex-Husband, Keith Papini, Said About Her?

During a recent appearance on Good Morning America, Sherri’s ex-husband spoke his truth. (His interviews are a significant part of the documentary.) “I think she wanted me to be her knight in shining armor and run to her,” he reflected on the show. Apparently, Sherri never apologized to him or their children for her fake kidnapping incident. “She has no remorse that I have ever witnessed or seen,” Keith noted. Oof.

He recalled Sherri continuing to lie even after the police were onto her. “She made us believe that her story was true,” he says in the documentary. “Every single day she committed to the lie.”

What Is Sherri Papini’s Job Now?

According to notes kept by a monitor supervising Sherri’s contact with her kids, she’s a burgeoning author. During a January 17, 2024 visit, she said to her son and daughter: “Do you know what an author is? Mommy’s also an author now. She’s writing two books. I work lots of hours to write chapter books. So, when I tell you I’m working remotely, that means I’m at home writing chapters on my laptop.” I’m morbidly curious about the content of those books, TBH.

Sherri also expressed an interest in working at a supervised visitation center. “Well, like this place is very helpful for families,” she said, adding, “Mommy is building a foundation to help places like this more. Mommy is making a business that will be a foundation to help people.” There ya have it — a convicted criminal-turned author and entrepreneur.

Who Is Sherri Papini Dating Now?

These days, Sherri reportedly lives with her current boyfriend, widowed businessman Shawn Hibdon, in Shingletown, California. Hopefully there are no more fake abductions in her future.

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