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Zac Efron And Nicole Kidman Dished On Their Steamy 'Family Affair' Scenes And I'm Unwell

If you need me, too bad. I’m very busy counting down the days ’till Family Affair comes out. Zac Efron in general, Zac Efron playing a movie star, a controversial relationship with Nicole Kidman, spicy bedroom scenes… literally what else could you need in a movie? Zac and Nicole star in the movie alongside my Kissing Booth queen, Joey King, and the chemistry between all of these A-listers is palpable in the trailer. I’m planning my watch party (of one) as we speak.

Ahead of the movie, Zac and Nicole have been opening up about their steamy scenes in the movie, and some of their revelations have been pretty surprising. Usually, celebs say it’s award to work on intimate moments, but these two seem like they really enjoyed it?? Here’s what Zac and Nicole have said about filming those Family Affair sex scenes together.

Nicole Kidman And Zac Efron Open Up About Their Family Affair Sex Scenes

What Is Family Affair About?

In the upcoming rom-com, Zac plays a movie star, Nicole plays a mother, and Joey plays an agonized young person, so this was totally new territory for all them. I kid, I kid. Basically, Joey’s character, Zara, works for Zac’s character, Chris, and she discovers that the actor and her mother are hooking up. Needless to say, she’s not thrilled about that development. It’s giving The Idea of You, and I’m so here for it.

When Does Family Affair Come Out?

Mark your calendars for June 28, folks! That’s when Family Affair will be available to stream on Netflix. (It shall be a very eventful day for those of us who also plan to binge The Bear and listen to the new Camila Cabello album.)

What Have Nicole Kidman And Zac Efron Said About Their Family Affair Sex Scenes?

Joey King, Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron for 'Family Affair'
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While chatting about the movie with Access Hollywood, Zac and Nicole opened up about their steamy scenes. “It always feels very easy,” Zac said, noting that he’s done sex scenes before where it didn’t go as well. Nicole added, “We have a friendship, so we’re able to talk and everything.”

According to the High School Musical star, there was a lot of “hysterical laughing” that had to be cut out. “We laugh a lot,” he said. “Like, we’re having a blast.” I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever heard such positive commentary on filming sex scenes… something you wanna tell us, Zacole? He recalled,  “We kinda dance into that room and it was fun. It was like putting together a musical a little bit.” So glad he got to return to his musical roots <3.

Joey chimed in: “It was so steamy though. Five fire emojis.” Well, I cannot wait to give my own fire emoji rating when I witness the steamy magic on June 28.

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