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Obviously, I'm Obsessed With Luke Newton And Had To Research His Dating History

Now is the time to check in on your Bridgerton stan friends. A lot of us are dealing with both a severe addiction to the show and also an addiction to the hunk of the season, Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). It’s borderline unhealthy. Maybe not even borderline. I really didn’t think any storyline could match or beat the legendary slow burn, enemies-to-lovers arc of season 2, but the Colin and Penelope romance is really, really working for me. The charm lessons! The best friend’s brother factor! Their relationship is everything. And I think we can all agree that Luke seems even hotter than before.

Don’t worry: I’m here to help you through these intense Luke feelings. When you find yourself afflicted by a particularly powerful crush on a fictional TV character, there’s a course of action you must take. I’m talking about stalking, of course. You gotta google search which actor plays the part, do a deep dive into their past girlfriends, and then investigate who they’re dating now. If they’re single, you can enjoy the delulu thought that you technically have a chance. I’ve done all the work this time! Here’s Luke’s current relationship status and everyone he’s dated.

Who Has Luke Newton Dated?

Luke Newton and Jade Davies
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Back in his Disney UK days (yes, you read that correctly!), Luke had a romance with his The Lodge costar, Sophie Simnett. They reportedly dated sometime between 2016 and 2018 but did not speak about the relationship publicly.

In 2019, Luke started dating West End singer Jade Davies and they had a serious and public relationship. The former couple appeared on a few red carpets together and she was even Luke’s date to the Bridgerton season 2 premiere. During 2021 interview with PopSugar, Luke shared that for Christmas, Jade surprised him with a trip to Amsterdam and gave him a scrapbook filled with special moments from their relationship. Goddamn. Okay, the Luke girlfriend bar is pretty high.

They dated for about four years before calling things off in 2023Although Luke and Jade didn’t comment on their split, The Sun reported that they “drifted apart as they could not find time in their busy schedules to invest in their relationship.” It’s true: Luke is very busy being the love of my life.

And no, he is not dating Nicola, despite fan theories and shipping. That’s only happening in our dreams.

Is Luke Newton Single? Who Is His Girlfriend?

I so don’t wanna be the one to break this news to you, but… I fear our guy is taken by 23-year-old Greek model and dancer Antonia Roumelioti. Luke and Antonia were first spotted spending time together in Los Angeles back in January, and internet detectives have since noticed them posting from the same locations. All hope for me dating Luke was officially lost when People recently shared photos of them leaving the London Bridgerton part 2 release party together and holding hands.

No one talk to me for at least 50 business days. I am in mourning.

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