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Everything We Unwillingly Learned About Lisa Vanderpump's Sex Life

For someone who has famously said that she and her husband probably only have sex “twice a year,” Lisa Vanderpump sure had a lot to say about her sex life on a recent episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Aside from learning that she and husband-of-42-years Ken Todd actually get it on way more than just twice a year, we’ve learned that, unsurprisingly, they’re still very much in love (I mean, have you seen these two interact??) — and a lot of that love really comes through when they’re having sex.

While sometimes I’d like celebrities to tell us a little less about their sex lives, when it comes to Lisa and Ken, let’s just say I have my notepad out and a big bag of popcorn.

And while you can definitely go ahead and listen for yourself, I broke down some of the highlights from her episode. Here’s everything we learned about Lisa’s sex life from her recent interview.

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Lisa Vanderpump Is Confident She’s Taking Care Of Business In Bed

After 42 years of marriage with someone who is clearly obsessed with you, it’s hard to imagine that you’re doing anything wrong. “Do you think there’s anything that I haven’t done that I need to do?” Lisa says. “Probably not. I mean, there are things I haven’t done, but there are things I haven’t done that I haven’t wanted to do.”

Lisa Vanderpump And Her Husband Don’t Swing

“But my parents have,” Lisa admits to Alex Cooper, the host of Call Me Daddy. And while Mrs. Vanderpump never heard details (who would want to?), she knew that it was happening.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Love Language Is Physical Affection

“I’m very tactile,” she says. “I mean, you saw the way I make out with my dog. Imagine that.” While it’s very obvious she’s a lover when it comes to her pups, let’s just get the image of her making out with her dog out of our heads, for all of our sakes.

Lisa Vanderpump Has High Standards In Every Aspect Of Life

“I’m a perfectionist,” she says. “So, I think even making love, I could be a perfectionist.” Would you expect anything less from a Virgo?

Lisa Vanderpump Likes Missionary Kinda

When asked about her favorite sex position, she says, “I think it is on my back. Asleep.” Queen, truly.

She Has Great Tips For Giving Head

Lisa recognizes that there are many different tips and tricks for giving a really good head. Which ones does she typically use? “All of them,” she says. “Just all of it. Just do it. Swallow it whole.”

Syeda Khaula Saad
Syeda Khaula Saad
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