Yellow Dresses Andie Anderson Would *Totally* Be Caught Dead In

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Holly Golightly’s iconic black gown, Cher Horowitz in her most capable plaid suit, or Andy Sachs wearing *the* Chanel boots. There are few moments in pop culture that make you want to literally run to the nearest mall shopping app and spend money, but when it happens, be prepared for that ensemble to haunt your dreams for the next 20 years. For me, the moment coincided with a pretty heinous rendition of You’re So Vain by Carly Simon.

No, I’m not talking about Tuesday karaoke with my coworkers, I’m talking about the iconic yellow dress from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Granted, I may have been 10 years old when I saw the dress for the first time (praying you don’t do the math) but from that moment on, I knew I’d own it some day. Well, maybe not it but something similar.

I’m not going to lie, the memory of this dress spent 20 years living in my brain (rent free) but that’s all it was… A memory. At least until last weekend… I was stalking scrolling IG and saw my colleague, Nicole Pellegrino, attend a wedding in the dress. It all came flooding back to me in a moment and suddenly, I knew that at the next wedding I attend I’d also be belting out You’re So Vain living my best Andie Anderson life—*Isadora diamond necklace not included*. Nicole was kind enough to not gatekeep (tbh, I probably would have) and spilled all the details on her iconic dress.


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“I got it from Lulu’s! It’s double-lined and really good quality for the price. It’s a bit long though, so you might want to hem it or just be ratchet like me and use a hair tie to tie it up while you’re on the dance floor. It definitely gives people something to talk about — be prepared for others to ask you ‘is that the dress from How to Lose a Guy In 10 days’ all night. But, I love attention so it’s fine.”—Nicole Pellegrino, Director of TikTok Content & Strategy 

Lulu’s Perfectly Classy Yellow Satin Strappy Maxi Dress

Shop it: Perfectly Classy Yellow Satin Strappy Maxi Dress, $89, Lulu’s

9 Other Dresses That Will Have You Wishing You Were In An Early 2000’s RomCom

Don’t worry — like all incredible things on the internet, this dress is one viral video away from being sold out, so I found 9 other options that will leave you feeling ~frosted~. Plus, what’s a girl to do without options?

1. Katie May Ryder Gown

Shop it: Katie May Ryder Gown, $298, Revolve

2. Frankie Lane The Delphi Dress

Shop it: The Delphi Dress, $212, Frankie Lane

3. Line and Dot Brooke Mini Dress

Shop it: Line and Dot Brooke Mini Dress, $83, Revolve

4. Veronica Beard Sanderson Satin Cowlneck Gown

Shop it: Veronica Beard Sanderson Satin Cowlneck Gown, $698, Saks Fifth Avenue

5. Indah Sybil Mini Dress

Shop it: Indah Sybil Mini Dress, $191, Revolve

6. Reformation Jeany Silk Dress

Shop it: Jeany Silk Dress, $328, Reformation

7. Significant Other Jacy Dress

Shop it: Significant Other Jacy Dress, $248, Revolve

8. Open Back Slip Dress

Shop it: NUFIWI Women Sexy Backless Maxi Dress, $17.99, Amazon

9. Sau Lee Penelope Gown

Shop it: Sau Lee Penelope Gown, $495, Revolve


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