Dorit Announces Separation From PK On Instagram

Literal moments after Hailey and Justin Bieber announced their pregnancy to the world, Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley announced her separation from husband PK. Hollywood giveth and Hollywood taketh away! After a few months of speculation and conflicting reports, Dorit officially took to Instagram to explain the decision behind their separation. Though anyone who watched this season of RHOBH has a decent idea of why their marriage is dissipating… but what’s the reason for Dorit and PK’s split? Let’s get unpack everything we know so far.


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The post reads: “We as a couple have been subject to a lot of speculation about our marriage. We have had our struggles over the last few years and continue to work through them as two people who love each other and share two amazing children together. To safe guard our deep friendship and maintain a harmonious environment for our children we have made the mutual and difficult decision to take some time apart and reevaulate our relationship while we prioritize our children. We appreciate your love and support while we continue to do the work necessary throughout this journey.”

Back in February, Dorit addressed rumors that she and PK were splitting on the RHOBH after show. Saying, “PK and I, we have had our struggles and we have worked through them, and we’ve been through a lot. And we can, as a married couple, have our moments that are really great and moments that we’re working through something, and I think that most married people are gonna face challenges. I think that PK and I are good, we’re gonna be good, we’re gonna be great.” And should there come a day “that isn’t the case,” Dorit added, “we will be the ones to say, ‘Listen, we’ve decided to part ways.'”

Sadly, it seems as though this day has come.

Dorit and PK share two children, 10-year-old Jagger and 8-year-old Phoenix. Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have watched them grow up on screen and have really fallen in love with the “children of the world” family over the years.

It’s not confirmed whether or not Dorit will return to the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, though I feel like it’s pretty much a gaurantee we’ll find out more about the pitfalls of their marriage in due time.

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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