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Although we do not sell your personal information for money, we may share your personal information with third parties in exchange for marketing, analytics, or research services. Some jurisdictions consider such exchanges to be sales even though no money is exchanged.   To opt out of such sharing, please take the following steps: click on the Opt Out Form link below to submit your request with regard to the information we store, and opt out of targeting cookies below to register your request with respect to the sharing of information via cookies and similar technologies when you visit our site.

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When you visit our website, we use cookies and similar tools to automatically make certain personal information available to third parties that provide services to us to help us improve your experience, target and deliver advertising, learn how you use the website, and achieve the other purposes addressed in our Privacy Policy.  Some of those third parties may use the personal information for their own purposes or to provide services to other businesses. Some laws treat such sharing as a “sale” even if no money is exchanged.  If you want to opt out of such automatic sharing, use the button above to disable targeting cookies.  If the button is red, targeting cookies have been turned off.

Please note that you will need to separately turn off such sharing on every browser and device you use to access our website.  And if you disable or clear cookies, you will need to renew your choice because we use a cookie to register your opt out.