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Urgent: Everything We Know About 'The Devil Wears Prada' Sequel

‘Scuse me while I go gird my loins: A sequel for The Devil Wears Prada is officially in the works! It’s been almost two decades since the release of the original film, so yeah, it’s about damn time. As I sincerely hope we all know, the 2006 comedy stars the legendary Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs, an aspiring journalist who takes a nightmare job as an assistant to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), the editor in chief of a high fashion magazine, Runway. A better film has yet to be made, so personally, I fully support just doing this one again.

We’re all desperate to know every detail about the upcoming sequel, so I did a deep dive. Here’s everything we know about The Devil Wears Prada sequel including the release date, cast, and plot. Everyone remain calm.

All About The Devil Wears Prada Sequel

When Is The Devil Wears Prada Sequel Coming Out?

There’s no information about a release date just yet, but given that this project is still in development, I’d say we have a long wait ahead of us. Ugh. If I had to guess, we’re probably looking at late 2025 or 2026. “By all means, move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me…”

Who’s In The Cast Of The Devil Wears Prada Sequel?

'The Devil Wears Prada' cast
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While the cast hasn’t been confirmed, it seems like Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt are likely to return, based on the rumored plot of the sequel. It’s unclear whether or not Anne Hathaway will also come back to portray the iconic Andy Sachs, but we can pray.

Aline Brosh McKenna, who wrote the script for the original film, is reportedly back to write the sequel. The original director, David Frankel, and the original producer, Wendy Finerman, are also said to be back for the second film. This gives me hope.

What’s The Plot Of The Devil Wears Prada Sequel?

Okay, the obvious guess would just be the plot of Lauren Weisberger’s second book, Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns, which is about Andy and Emily running a bridal magazine. However, the media industry has totally transformed since Lauren wrote that in 2014, so it’s a no-go now.

Instead, the plot of The Devil Wears Prada sequel will focus on Miranda Priestly and Emily Charlton dealing with the current, somewhat depressing media landscape. According to Variety, “The storyline reportedly follows Priestly as she navigates her career amid the decline of traditional magazine publishing and faces off against Blunt’s character, now a high-powered executive for a luxury group with advertising dollars that Priestly desperately needs.”

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