To Whom It May Concern...

Are you obsessed with our content? Great, then you’ll love working here. At Betches Media, we value our team, creativity, and collaboration — and we know how to have fun. So, basically, working for us, you’ll actually want to get your ass up and work. We bring our authentic self (no fake sh*t) to our content and cultivate an inclusive experience that gives employees a wide range of perks and benefits… like half-day Fridays year-round. (It’s called work-life balance.)

Who We Are

We are the funniest people on the internet. Betches is a multimedia brand developed and run for and by women that uses the power of comedy to provide honest, hilarious insights that help us understand the world and ourselves. TL;DR: When your BFF and emotional support water bottle aren’t there to help you figure out WTF is going on in your life, we are.

Take Your PTO

Our perks don’t stop at vacation days or discounted merch. As a Betches employee, you’ll also get to hang with us at company happy hours and offsite events, and enjoy benefits like management training, diversity and education awareness, and so much more. When it comes to our perks, the limit does not exist.

Compensation Package
Commuter &
Parking Benefits
401k Plan
Generous Paid
Time Off
Half-Day Fridays
(All-Year Round)
Work From
Flexible Office
Mental Health
Paid Parental
Miscarriage &
Bereavement Leave
And so
much more

Betches Culture

At Betches, we want you to worry less, and laugh more. We believe everyone should be able to show up as their authentic selves, sharing their honest thoughts on everything from dating to motherhood to politics to reality TV to Diet Coke. It’s called containing multitudes.

DEI & Belonging

Everyone can sit with us… well, except that girl from third grade who made fun of your fanny pack. (We got you.) We are working hard to create and maintain an inclusive workplace in which all employees have an opportunity to participate and contribute to the success of the business and are valued for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives. We also are continually committed to and passionate about hiring and retaining diverse talent.

Sh*t Betches Say

Why are you totally obsessed with Betches?

“It’s definitely not giving stuffy, corporate vibes. Our work culture is flexible, fun, and creative! Most days, I channel my inner influencer and model energy. On a serious note, as a Black woman, I’m able to create spaces for underrepresented talent. When voicing opinions/concerns, I trust that it would be heard and acted on. Not many people in my shoes can say that about their company. Betches' work culture is what you dreamt of coming out of college.”

— Keisha Toussaint, Senior Manager, People & Culture

What keeps you from hitting snooze in the morning? (Well, most mornings.)

“Seeing my co-workers, who have turned into forever friends! We work hard, but play harder. Every job is ultimately a ‘job,’ but, at Betches, the love and support I feel from my teammates makes the culture here so special and unique.”

— Divya Ijari, Manager, Brand Partnerships

What makes Betches hit differently?

“What’s different about us is that we’re not providing a 'one-size fits all' media solution. Every opportunity is crafted to authentically integrate the brand's creative hooks and initiatives into our brand ethos. It’s the most unique, innovative, and fun environment I’ve ever been a part of.”

— Kristin Desens, Sales Director

What is the best thing about Betches and its culture?

“Being around such creative and collaborative individuals who are all so welcoming has made me feel a sense of belonging from the moment I joined. Working with the most intelligent people who make the environment fun and charismatic makes the culture at Betches stand out from any other company.”

— Rebecca Kang, People Operations Coordinator

But what’s the best thing really?

“Although working at Betches comes with many benefits, my favorite is that my impressively high screen time report is validated because scrolling TikTok and Instagram is a part of my job. We also encourage after-hours karaoke, no matter your singing ability.”

— Taylor Jackson, Director, Social & Brand Strategy

How has Betches shown up for you?

“Betches has always given me an outlet to be creative and trusted me with that creativity! I was a Video Editor in 2020 and expressed interest in motion graphics and photography. Today, I design and animate graphics for all of our videos as well as photograph our events, e-commerce, and podcast covers.”

— Laura Valencia, Associate Director, Video Graphics & Animation

How To Get Your Dream Job
(AKA Working With Us)

Want to make memes for a living, get paid to share your Bravo hot takes, and channel your inner Galleria Garibaldi for office karaoke? Here’s what you can expect after applying for an open role.
No Cover Letter Needed-+

Visit our career page to view the positions we have available (or if you’re not here for the right reasons). Don’t be scared to apply if you’re, like, only semi-proficient in Microsoft Excel or something. Even if you don’t meet all of the qualifications, we’d still like to hear from you. Elle Woods applied to Harvard with a full-ass video essay, so you can at least send us your resume. (We don’t care if you didn’t pass the LSAT.) We also don’t require a cover letter, because who has time to read that sh*t??

Just Checking In On This-+

Our hiring team will review your application to see if you have the right experience for the position. Whether we swipe left or right, you’ll get an update on your application status sometime before Trump pays his taxes.

HR Screening Interview-+

During this stage, you’ll get the opportunity to chat with HR on a call to learn more about Betches, our work culture, and DEIB efforts. We’ll also share more about the potential role and ask you a couple of deep existential questions about the meaning of life… or maybe just why you want to work here. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to, like, name our founders' zodiac signs or elaborate on your knowledge of “AP Style,” even if it is listed in the skills section of your LinkedIn profile.

Time To Brag, Betch-+

Depending on the role, you may be asked to complete a preliminary screening test, like a writing sample, pitch deck, or 45-slide presentation on the Pythagorean theorem to show off your skillset. (Kidding on the last one, but if you can do that, maybe try NASA.)

Celebrity Meet And Greet-+

Okay, we know we’re not Taylor Swift, just the next best thing. Don’t come with flash cards or prepare a script – just be yourself. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, but remember this will probably be over Zoom, so no need to buy five-inch stilettos or even put on pants. Remember, interviews are a two-way street. This is a chance for you to meet the hiring manager and potential team members and learn more about WTF we actually do here (besides ruthlessly roast reality contestants).

Call Your Reference, Not Your Ex -+

Anybody is fair game… except maybe your ex. HR will ask for 2-3 references to contact via phone or email, so maybe don’t give us the digits of that person you made out with in a house party basement when you were 19.

Let’s Take This Offline -+

HR and the hiring manager will debrief and discuss the candidate of choice. HR will then reach out to extend an offer. (All Betches acceptance letters will be written on parchment paper and delivered by owl.) If it’s not a fit, we’ll still let you know our decision.

Will You Accept This Offer? -+

Once you’ve accepted our final rose, HR will send you all the information needed to kickstart your journey with Betches. (Sorry, no Neil Lane ring included, but you can have a sweatshirt with our logo on it.)

Are you convinced?