About Betches

We are the biggest and most powerful humor platform for women — and the funniest people you’ll ever meet.

Betches is a multimedia brand developed and run for women, by women. We’re a safe space to vent, scream, and deliver scathing hot takes on everything that pisses you off; an honest sounding board for advice on relatable, real-life sh*t (including the petty HS drama you swore you got over); and a place to laugh (instead of cry) when life gets hard. We believe the best content is the kind that’s funny and true, because it not only allows you to mentally escape reality, it also helps you deal with it. Life’s hard as f*ck, so you might as well laugh about it with Betches.

What We Do

Through our website, podcasts, newsletters, events, and social channels, we create content that empowers women to say WTF is actually on their minds. We’ve cultivated a loyal audience who comes to us for witty commentary, sage advice, and brutal honesty. We’re the drunk BFF you meet in a dive bar bathroom who will fix your hair, hype you up, and make sure you never text your shitty ex.


We provide funny, smart, and always on-point takes that perfectly capture how you’re feeling, even if you’re too afraid to say it yourself. Our diverse voices know what you’ve been through — because we’ve been there, too.


Whatever you’re into — reality TV, traveling, weddings, politics — we have a community for that. It’s called containing multitudes.


We cut the BS and have unfiltered conversations about real-life sh*t that will make your group chat say, “That’s so us.”


We create and source the funniest content on the internet served to you daily on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram that will make you laugh until it hurts.


We craft premium, inclusive, high-impact events that bring members of our community together for unforgettable experiences.


We deliver fresh takes, honest product recommendations, and the ICYMI news straight to your inbox.


We offer sh*t that is actually worth buying and answer other burning questions you have about every product on the internet.


Everyone wants to hang: We collaborate with some of the best and funniest people in entertainment via podcasts, custom photo shoots, video collaborations, celebrity profiles, live events, and more.

What We Cover

If it’s on your FYP, TV screen, favorite podcast, or being talked about in your group chat, we’re on it… except we’re not going to tell you what you already know. We’re gonna say what you’re really thinking. Through our News, Entertainment, Relationships, and Lifestyle verticals, we help you make sense of the world around you with wit, humor, and real talk. And also maybe tequila.


Staying informed doesn’t have to be painful. We break down WTF is going on in the world, how it affects you, and how we’re all getting through it.


Whether you’re binging The Bachelor, following the latest Bravo scandal, or refreshing social media for minute-by-minute celebrity gossip, Betches Entertainment compiles your favorite TV, movie, music, and pop culture news.


When it comes to sex, love, dating and weddings, we’re chock-full of advice and answers to guide you through the good, the bad and the absolutely toxic.


From health, wellness, and travel to work, money, astrology, and more, our lifestyle content features endless pro tips to help you thrive in life — or at least survive.

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The Reviews Are In

“If you’re not following Betches already, then what have you been doing all this time?”
“Their [podcast] segments will have you laughing out loud, so if you choose to listen in public, you've been warned!”
“Betches content is irreverent and relatable, enough snark to make you smirk and just edgy enough to make you question whether you can share the content with your parents.”
“Betches have embraced two of my favorite things: feminism and getting shit done.”
Sarah Knight
“A necessity for any girl who doesn’t want to die alone … I only ever want the cold, hard truth from a betch.”
Jessica Knoll
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