‘Thoroughbreds’ Looks Like The Movie Of The Spring

If you thought Blair Waldorf’s schemes were evil, wait until you see the trailer for Thoroughbreds. On the surface it’s an odd couple story about two hot girls in serious need of therapy who decide to kill a shady-ass step dad while probably figuring something out about themselves along the way. I mean, who hasn’t … Continued

The 15 Most Relatable Moments From ‘Elf’

Elf : It’s more than just a Will Ferrell movie that we conveniently like to pretend Zooey Deschanel isn’t in. It’s a movement. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a Christmas staple. No, seriously—I dare you to turn on USA Network anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas and not see that shit playing on loop. There’s a reason Elf … Continued

The 7 Most Ridiculous Moments From ‘Love Actually’

Head Pro would love to watch Love Actually with you. Email him at headpro@betches.com, and follow him on Twitter and Insta at @betchesheadpro. Love Actually is a perfect movie, probably one of the three best ever made. I’m not fucking around. I love that movie more than I love my innumerable illegitimate children, and if … Continued