Zayn Malik Called Naughty Boy a Fat Joke Over Twitter

Looks like there is trouble in paradise for Zayn. He took to Twitter to call out his partner in crime Naughty Boy, the producer he left One Direction to work with. Naughty Boy leaked Zayn’s “No Type” music video and then Zayn called him out on it online, calling him a “fat joke” and saying “stop pretending we’re friends.”

Though this does seem uncharacteristic of the heartthrob teen idol to say, considering being in 1D has probably taught him better than to start a real feud online.  Don’t they have to watch their language in front of their fans? It makes us think that it’s very possibly a joke, though maybe that’s giving Zayn too much credit.  In much the same way we might say “who dis” to a friend just because it’s funny, he could be pulling one over on everyone with this tweet.

Also, if it’s true they’re fighting over a leaked video, this could all just be a publicity stunt to get more views.



But as everyone knows, there’s no better reunion than an ex reunion, so if this leads to Zayn running back into the arms of Harry and Louis, we wouldn’t be mad.


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