Zayn Malik And Louis Tomlinson Get Into Twitter Bitchfight OH EM GEEEE

Directioners: Any hope you may have held out for The Best Band In The World has vanished, along with your only reason for willfully remaining on this mortal coil. Former bandmates and BFFEs Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson have THROWN DOWN on twitter, and the world will never be the same. In “breaking” the “news,” Seventeen stated that this twitter war will “break your directioner heart.” And it has. My heart is now directionless.

It started when some producer named Naughty Boy (seriously, guy?) posted what's definitely a blurry, post-coital picture of himself with Zayn.

Louis, jokester that he is, subtweeted the following:

HA! That is a pretty mild burn! You wouldn't even need to seek medical treatment for that burn. Naughty Boy, failing to display the sense of humor you'd expect from someone who willfully goes by the name of Naughty Boy, fired back with this pithy number:

Louis, taking that tweet very personally despite many hours of video footage disproving the notion that he can't sing, made shit real:

I'm going to include all of the rest because embeding tweets in our CMS is annoying as fuck, but: Did you know that Naughty Boy has produced music for Sam Smith and, like, a whole bunch of people you've never heard of? He has! Did you know that Louis Tomlinson is a member of a wildly successful musical group, and that he wrote on some of their songs? He did! Tiring of this, or perhaps just standing up for the grown man named Naughty Boy with whom he freely associates, Zayn Malik dropped the mic with this:

Ouch, Zayne. I guess my hand wasn't made just for you, after all. A lot of sites are giving Zayne the W in this one, but I don't think so. Louis Tomlinson is still in a very successful band. Zayne isn't, and hanging out with a B-list producer won't change that. Louis isn't concerned with “winning” twitter “wars” when he's still capable of pulling boy band ass.

Thus concludes a slapfight between three men who could retire tomorrow in lavish fashion, if they wanted.


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