Zac Efron Doesn’t Remember Shit About High School Musical

We all know that Zac Efron is a god among men (see: Neighbors), and proving that he's all grown up he revealed that he doesn't remember shit about High School Musical. In an interview he had to listen to “Breaking Free” – you know, the song Troy and Gabriella sing to audition for the high school musical. He didn't recognize the song until 24 seconds in and he had no fucking clue what the song's name was.



Zac thought the title was “Soaring and Flying,” which is ironic because that's what my parents thought it was called after I made them watch it for the 17th time when I was 11. Troy Bolton would be very disappointed that Zac has traded musical theatre for a personal trainer and EDM. Like tbh, until I've had a couple glasses of wine, I probably wouldn't remember any of the lyrics from HSM either. Plus, as the most successful alum from those movies, Zac's probs trying to pull a Robert Pattinson after Twilight and move the fuck on.

He went on to defend himself by saying, “There's three movies of songs, guys! There's three movies of songs!” True, and the best one will always be Zac's solo performance of “Bet On It” on the golf course.


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