You’re Fucked Because Neutrogena Sunscreen Doesn’t Actually Work

The Environmental Working Group aka fun suckers just released their guide to sunscreens. 80% of sunscreens don't actually protect your skin, which makes me feel great after laying out for three hours yesterday. They also found that all spray sunscreens are shitty. Grool.

So you're probably thinking “That's fine, I'll just use my Neutrogena sunscreen, because dermatologists recommend it and it's bougier than Bannana Boat.” WRONG. Turns out that Neutrogena is a mean girl, it's a bitch. Europe determined that Neutrogena's formula for baby sunscreens is super unsafe. It's other sunscreens don't actually protect against sun damage, and their humble brag about having SPF 70 and SPF 100 is bullshit because the FDA says anything higher than SPF 50 offers negligible protection.

WTF Neutrogena? We trusted you. Your Oil Free Grapefruit face wash was the first face wash we used to impress our friends and now you're trying to fuck with our skin? Not cool.


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