You’re A Celebrity Who Can’t Drive

Every betch knows that driving like a fucking idiot is a way of life, but no one seems to know this like celebrities. I mean, chances are if you're a celebrity and you have a mugshot it happened because of something vehicular related. For example, this morning I heard Amanda Bynes was on CNN (the only reason I'd tune into that channel) and someone said that her DUIs are basically NBD and definitely not enough to get her a conservatorship a la Britney circa '08. But while CNN was telling us that which we already know, that driving laws are basically like whatever, we tuned them out and reminisced on some of our favorite celebrities who can't drive.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes: A different type of smoke show


Lindsay Lohan

“That was someone's toe!? I thought it was just Perez Hilton's dick” 

“Fake sleeping so I don't have to have sex with a girl tonight”


Justin Bieber

Riding in cars with Biebz

But like you're really 5 years old Justin


Paris Hilton

“WAHHH this taxi cab is so strict”


Khloe Kardashian

“Lamar, this SUV is all that fits me right now” – Khloe


Britney Spears

“Keep your hands off my Starbucks you bald fuck” – Britney

Hit me baby one more time with an Adderall

Hanging on for dear life


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