You Need To Watch This Bizarre 10 Year Anniversary Video From Zoey 101

Tbt to 2005, when we only put down The Clique books to watch Zoey 101. It was a crash course in how your group of besties has to have a matching guy group and that you're nothing if a boy isn't secretly in love with you.

In case you were busy doing the middle school assigned summer reading, Zoey 101 was about this girl Zoey who attends a co-ed boarding school in Southern California – basically it's a G-rated version of USC. Zoey and her roommates are besties – even though Nicole and Quinn would never have actually been friends IRL. Zoey's guy friend Chase lived in the ultimate friendzone – like worse than Gordo on Lizzie McGuire – for all four seasons.

At the time I thought their relationship was a classic “will they or won't they,” but upon a second viewing this past summer – thanks for the marathon Teen Nick – I realized that Zoey was the ultimate tease. If the show were at all accurate she would've been with the OG fuck boy Logan while making Chase do her homework. Also N̶i̶n̶a̶ ̶D̶o̶b̶r̶e̶v̶ Victoria Justice was on the show for some reason.

So this weekend marked the 10 year anniversary of the infamous time capsule episode. Zoey made a DVD – lol – of her true feelings (obvi she was PMSing) She refuses to tell Chase what she said, because middle school girls are manipulative betches, until 2015 aka 10 years later. Well, because the cast and writers have nothing better to do they released a video about what Zoey actually said. Don't pretend like you didn't drunk cry while watching the video this weekend.

In the clip, Chase (who still looks like a nice Jewish boy ready for his bar mitzvah) is about to propose to a girl who is way too good for him – at least he has a type. His former bestie Michael – the obligatory comedic relief character – runs in to deliver the DVD. Chase finally hears that Zoey thinks they might be soul mates (read: Tinder matches) and leaves his gf at the restaurant to go find Zoey. Sidebar: Chase was about to propose at a glorified In and Out Burger, wtf?



The video ends with “To Be Continued,” which is the biggest tease since Zoey needed Chase to be her partner in that dance competition. Idk if this means there's going to be a reunion or a spinoff show, but I do know that I'm still fucking pissed Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant and the show got cancelled.


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