You Might Not Get to Watch Miss USA Because of Donald Trump

If you haven’t been following the news in the past week (we know our audience), you might have missed all controversy about Donald Trump. In his Presidential Campaign announcement speech, he made a comment about how Mexican immigrants to the US are “rapists” that bring drugs and crime with them. Then he threw in something super nice about how some of them are probably good people too.

People got super mad about this because duh, and now NBC and Univision have officially broken all ties with the Donald. This is generally good news, except for the fact that Donald Trump and NBCUniversal are the owners of Miss USA, which was supposed to be broadcast on NBC on July 12. So now Miss USA is in less than two weeks, and at this point there is no channel scheduled to broadcast it. If these girls still want airtime in their bikinis, they better pack up and run to Miss America while there’s still time.


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