You Have To See The Weeknd's Birthday Tribute To Bella Hadid

In the world of celebrity couples, real, solid information can be hard to come by. We’ve known since way back in July that Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were hanging out again, but there was never any official news. Luckily, even the biggest stars still love a good birthday Instagram post. Today, Bella turns 22, and The Weeknd posted a birthday tribute that is 1) very cute and 2) makes it seem like they are very in love. Finally!! As much as I should mind my own business, I just feel like these two people (whom I have never met) are supposed to be together. (Also, I am obsessed with the fact that Bella Hadid’s birthday is one day after Bella Thorne’s. Have they met each other? I feel like Bella Hadid would hate Bella Thorne.)

The Weeknd’s post is a slideshow of 10 images, which really shows his dedication. I can’t even get the f*ckboys I date to post one Insta story, so 10 photos on the main grid is a big deal. The first one is actually a video of them canoodling from across a bar, and to be honest I’m already into it. Can we just agree that these two probably have wild, amazing sex? Thanks, got it, moving on now.

Feel free to flip through the carousel above, but I’ve also embedded some of the most important photos below, for further analysis. Don’t thank me, I’m just doing the Lord’s work, this is my calling.

I really love this photo, because there’s just so much going on. Bella is grabbing his face like she’s holding on for dear life, and also holding a Juul in the same hand. I’m obsessed, she’s a true millennial queen. The Weeknd’s arm is raised up like he’s holding on to the handle in a Subway car, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. Is this a house party? Does Bella Hadid go to house parties? Are they at Drake’s house? Also, whose hand is that with the red nail polish, and why is she so close while these two are busy sucking face? 

Like the last photo, I have many questions about this bath picture. Is this romantic? Is it a photoshoot? Why is Bella naked in a bathtub while The Weeknd remains fully clothed? Equal nudity for all! Why is he sitting on a chair that looks like something my family thew away after my great grandma died? Is Bella Hadid a vampire?

I really love this photo. Like, this is the kind of relationship I want. It looks like they’re in La La Land, but with less jazz and cooler outfits. I can’t help it, I love these two together.

As with any major celebrity Instagram post these days, Bella Hadid’s birthday has truly brought out some gems in the comment section. In this screenshot, there are literally zero words in the comments, which is kind of amazing. Tiësto clearly loves these two together, which is beautifully random. FashionNova is here too, because they love being the herpes of the Instagram fashion world. I love Yolanda Hadid’s mysterious butterflies, and I’m glad she approves of Bella’s relationship. Kendall Jenner shows up with a mysterious red balloon, which I’m assuming is an inside joke. What a solid crew.

So I hope Bella Hadid’s birthday is wonderful, and maybe someday I’ll get a man to acknowledge my existence post something sweet like this for me.

Images: Shutterstock; @theweeknd / Instagram (5)

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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