You Can Now Get Drunk With Your Dog

We all know that you're not technically drinking alone if your dog is home, but now your dog can drink with you. So you're basically hosting a party. This company called Flat12 made a nonalcoholic, non-carbonated craft beer for dogs called Dog Brew.

They created this incredible addition to the liquor store by combining meat bones, trimmings, carrots, potatoes, and yeast and simmering it with beer. Then it's all poured into a keg and pressurized. I'm pretty sure that Natty Light uses the same formula. Apparently to dogs, it's kind of like a soup broth.



Right now, the beer is being sold in Indianapolis for $1 per cup, which is a hell of a lot less than $7 for a happy hour vodka shot. It's nice that now man's best friend can be an alcoholic too, because friends that drink together stay together.




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