You Can Literally Get a M.R.S Degree at Brigham Young University

Just when you thought getting a M.R.S Degree was only a mere fun joke to make with your bestie who majors in Ceramics and is looking more into possible husbands than job opportunities when she graduates, think again. It turns out that you CAN LITERALLY major in this at BYU. Unfortunately, for all my future Betty Crocker’s out there, you’ve totes got to be Mormon.

The major falls under General Studies and you take 33 hours in ‘Family Life.’ Basically, it prepares you for being a stay-at-home mom through some Intro on Marriage courses and then the major becomes more childbearing themed (oh giddy!) about infant, adolescent and adult development. The classes are perfectly set up to ensure that you never need (or are able to) get a job, with such course offerings including “Food Preparation in the Home” and “Parenting and Child Guidance.” Luckily there’s also a course offering on “Family Finance” in case your husband lets you handle that.

The class with the hands down longest waitlist has to be “Marriage Enhancement,” a course on marital communication skills, conflict resolution, intimacy (so like, what position are you most likely to conceive in?) and stress management. Its ultimate objective is to create a “shared relationship vision” for you and your husband that you may or may not know yet. But, luckily, the University strongly recommends you enroll in the class with anyone you’re seriously dating, engaged or married to. We non-Mormon betches think we have it hard figuring out if we should get our almost boyfriend a birthday present, well just imagine the turmoil a Mormon betch has to go through. Like I don’t want to freak John out about saying we should take this class together, but I’m turning 21 soon so I feel like it’s probs a given that we’ll end up getting married? I don't know, what do you think?

You do have to hand it to the Mormon’s for how realistic they’re being with this major offering though. If their culture calls for traditional family units who have wedding bells ringing at 22 and are grandparents to twenty infants by 55, I suppose there’s not much point in laboring through Business Law and Corporate Finance.


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