You Can Casually Borrow Chanel And Louis Vuitton Bags *For Free* At This Four Seasons Hotel

I’ll know I’ve made it when I can blindly shop the cheese aisle without so much as glancing down at the per-ounce price for a block of brie, but until then, I’ll just play rich. Call it the Anna Delvey effect (minus the, ahem, prison and illegal crimes) but I love to moonlight as the wealthier, more successful version of myself that I hope—fingers crossed?—to eventually become. In case you had any doubt, that absolutely involves toting around a Fendi Baguette like it belongs right there on my forearm. Call it manifestation! 

Now, you’re probably thinking, “How are you, poor little writer girl, able to afford such extravagances?’”Well, the answer is that I can’t! At all! I can, however, rent those extravagances. ICYMI, there’s this genius, membership-style club called Vivrelle that grants you access to hundreds of luxury designer accessories every single month. Think: Rent the Runway or Nuuly, only with vintage Chanel bags and the Louis Vuitton Pochette you’ve been lusting after for months. 

While this is hardly new—both the rental model and Vivrelle itself have been around the block—the luxury company *is* on the cutting edge with its latest partnership. Earlier this year, the membership club teamed up with Four Seasons so that now guests can just casually borrow Dior and Bottega and YSL for their dinner reservations.

“Four Seasons Hotel Houston is a like-minded partner that we have always admired and loved,” co-founder of Vivrelle Blake Geffen said in an official (~PR mumbo jumbo~) statement. “Our brands have a shared affinity for providing luxury experience rooted in convenience, care, and customers first. We’re excited for this new era of accessory accessibility in Houson.”  

And while, sure, fine, I get it, a room at the Four Seasons isn’t exactly cheap, you can borrow all those bags throughout your stay for free no matter your membership status. All you have to do is snag a room (or *cough, cough* swindle a man into paying for that room) and boom, you’re fake rich! Remember, we’re cosplaying as Anna Delvey. It’s all about the swindle.

Both the Four Seasons Houston and Four Seasons Private Residences Los Angeles introduced the partnership at their properties in March, with an on-site shop that lets you browse the collection of jewelry, designer handbags, and even diamonds. The process of renting said goods is easy too and feels a little like a Pretty Woman shopping spree (minus the judgy sales bitch). You quite literally just let the concierge know your pick of the designer draw and it’s yours—temporarily, at least. Don’t get greedy. When it’s time to check out, you can also just leave it up in your room so those snooty Four Seasons guests don’t know you didn’t drop $5k on a purse. 

Since we’ve already established that I’m broke (and you’re still reading, so you prob are too), here’s even more good news: To celebrate this little collab, the Four Seasons Houston is offering a third night free promo that gets you exactly what it sounds like—a complimentary third night on your booking for free in H-town. It’s also a third night you can spend with your beloved…Chanel. Thank us later. <3

Featured image courtesy of Louis Vuitton/Betches.

Megan Schaltegger
Megan Schaltegger
Megan Schaltegger is an NYC-based freelance writer. Her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Thrillist, and more. She loves strong coffee, eating her way through the Manhattan food scene, and her dog, Murray. She promises not to talk about herself in third person IRL.