Yoga Pants Are All That Fits You RN: Weekly Horoscopes For November 26-30

Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way and you’ve fully accepted that yoga pants are all that will fit you between now and Christmas, we can really get out and enjoy ourselves. Better not start that combination keto/paleo/bone broth cleanse right now, because the stars are aligning in just a way that keeps you busy, social and happy. Sure, Mercury is still in retrograde for a week or two more, but you’re not going to let that get in your way. Here are your weekly horoscopes for November 26-30.


You draw energy this week from the Sun, retrograde Mercury, and Jupiter in your fellow fire sign, Sagittarius. This makes you more likely to do things out of your comfort zone like attempting to ice skate or taking a winter carriage ride. Sure, normally you’d think these things are cliche and a waste of money—which they are. But, hey, sometimes you need to do something you’d normally make fun of to shake things up a little bit.


There’s a lot of activity in your money houses this week. Of course, with the holidays, like, basically here, it makes sense that there’s a bunch coming in and out of your bank account. Take a second to really think about what you’re buying and for whom you’re buying it. If your boyfriend is only going to spend $200 on you, don’t go out of your way to buy him a $700 ski pass or some sh*t. You don’t want to throw the power dynamic off like that, okay?


The Sun opposite your sign in Sagittarius means you still need to get more sleep to recharge yourself to power through the second half of your personal year. Use this excuse as an explanation for why you can’t meet people out for drinks or dinner or whatever. It’s not that you’re boring and too weak willed to go out in the cold. No. You’re just preparing to really kick ass starting in the Gemini Q3.


Retrograde Mercury continues to create delays, little errors, and mistakes for you at work for the next two weeks. You’ll just have to deal with that because there’s not much you can do to change it. Luckily, there’s a lot going on for you socially this week. You’ll basically get an invite for every second you have to spare and most, if not all, of those invites will include alcohol. There’s nothing like an extended happy hour to make you forget you hit “reply all” when you meant to FWD.


Things are going pretty well for you right now considering Mercury is still in retrograde. This week, you’ll probably find yourself taking in your surroundings and really being appreciative for what you have. Maybe you’ll find the subway rats cute or thank that homeless man for complimenting your outfit on your way to work. Ah, yes, positivity abounds.


Mercury in retrograde likes to bring things up from your past. Hopefully, you made it through Thanksgiving relatively unscathed. Like, maybe you only saw your ex boyfriend’s mom at the grocery store and not him and his new girlfriend. Phew. There’s still a chance for things like that to happen during the next two weeks, and with fiery Mars opposite your sign, it will be especially annoying to you.


This week could be difficult for you at work/school because you have a lot on your plate, yet others are demanding so much of your freaking time. Like, yes, Kayla, I’ll listen to you practice your presentation six more times but after that I really have to get back to, you know, doing my own sh*t. Thank god you’re, like, such a good friend.


Money and sex are, like, pretty big themes for you over the next little stretch of time. You’re entering a 12-month window where you have potential to earn a lot more dough. Likewise, you’ll have a desire to be more physical and tactile starting this week. Sometimes your Orangetheory class isn’t enough to get all that pent-up energy out, no matter how many splat points you’re earning.


Things continue to be pretty much all about you all the time. The Sun, Mercury in retrograde, and Jupiter are still in your sign. The Sun keeps you energized to deal with the BS Mercury in retrograde throws your way. You’re more likely to miss appointments, lose things, and run late. Which is totally not like you. So when you use Mercury in retrograde as an excuse to your boss, they should totally understand. Maybe. Probably not.


Venus and Mars working together this week make you strong, opinionated, and direct. Of course, all those things combined can also make you pretty argumentative. Stay away from anyone you need to keep the peace with. Like grandparents and parents and your significant other. I mean, you don’t want to be on anyone’s sh*t list heading into the holidays. It could really cut down on how much they spend on your present.


This week, you might run into your past in unexpected places. You can thank Mercury retrograde for that. This is a time where you bump into an old high school friend while you’re in a different state or country. You might share a train car with a guy you went on one Hinge date with. It’s hard to say when this will happen, but you should probably dress cute every day just in case.


Mars is in your sign giving you a bunch of fiery energy to go after what you want. Be careful who you step on on your way to the top, because planets at the top of your chart shine a light on your actions. Bosses, professors and VIPs will be watching, so you need to be mindful of the impression you’re making. As long as you stay on the up and up, things could go especially well for you too.

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