Yik Yak Now Has Photos So Get Ready For Nudes

Yik Yak – Twitter for bros – has come out of the dark age and will now let you send photos, so get ready to see a lot of dick pics. Obvi the app officially says that they won't accept “inappropriate photos (anything you wouldn't send to your mother), illegal content, or faces,” but that's basically Instagram's policy, and we've seen how well that's worked out.

The weirdest rule is that no faces can be included in Yak pics, unless you post a group photo in the “Peek” section, “which highlights photos with the most up votes.” Basically, Yik Yak is trying to help people sext and get more betches to use the app by making them fake models. The whole thing sounds like Instagram's red headed step sister. But since only college kids really use Yik Yak, we'll have to wait until the fall semester to see if the update is actually worth it.


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