WTF Is Serial And Should I Be Listening?

WTF is Serial?

If you have a Facebook you’ve probably seen a bunch of people announcing their newfound commitment to something called Serial. It sounds like a new diet, but it’s not. I’m here to break it down for you and to tell you if you should get into it or nah.


Serial is a podcast from the people who brought you This American Life, if that means anything to you (it doesn’t to me). If you don’t know what a podcast is, I think we’re done here.


You can download it on iTunes or listen at (imaginative URL).


Episodes are released every Thursday, so now you have something to live for since Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder went on hiatus.


If you are a crime drama junkie, this podcast is for you. This will become evident in a minute.

The plot:

First I have to note that Serial is entirely factual, not a made-up story. If you’re into Snapped or 48 hours you’d like this for sure. It investigates the murder of a high school student back in 1999. Her ex-boyfriend was convicted for the murder…but some (the people who made this podcast) say it’s not so simple. The elite squad known as the Serial Investigative Team (I might have made that up) goes around, giving insight into people’s lives, following up on leads, rechecking alibis, interviewing those involved, and presenting alternate theories. The cool thing about it is it’s happening in almost real time, so no one knows how this story will end. Not even the creators of the podcast. [Cue dramatic music]

In addition to extra suspense, this also means there are basically no spoilers except for your asshole friends on Facebook.

The Cast:

Hae Min Lee – the murder vic

Adnan Musud Syed – Victim’s crazy ex, and also the guy who was convicted of killing her. He claimed throughout the whole thing that he was innocent, but isn’t that what they all say? Only time will tell.

Don – Hae’s bae (sorry I had to) at the time of the murder.

Jay Wilds – Best bro of Adnan, and a key witness.

Kevin Urick – State prosecutor.

Cristina Gutierrez – Defense attorney.

Detectives Tutuola and Munch (Jk their names were Ritz and MacGillivary) – Investigated the vicious crime. These are their stories (sort of).

Some other witnesses I don’t feel like naming but you’ll hear all about them if you start listening.

You should listen to Serial if:

– You like SVU, Criminal Minds, and other crime dramas. You won’t get your fix of hot, buff dudes who are somehow in law enforcement even though they could have been male models (but why male models?) such as Amaro, Derek Morgan, or Nate whatever tf his last name is (Annalise’s sideline bro). But, in place of that, you’ll probably get some knowledge of the legal system that’s actually, you know, factual (no thanks to Dick Wolf).

– You feel like you could actually be a great detective since you predicted the ending of Gone Girl less than midway through the movie, but also wouldn’t trust yourself with a loaded firearm. Just me, then?

-You have some time to kill. You finished Orange is the New Black like, the week it came out, and your Netflix options are waning. Listen to Serial to satisfy all your binge-watching-related needs.

-You have to clean your room or some shit and want to make the time pass more quickly. Warning: don’t Serial at work unless you can keep a reallyyyy good poker face.

– You’re running out of things to talk about at brunch.

– You were captivated by the Amanda Knox case (not you, Belle Knox).

– You are feeling a bad case of FOMO since everyone you know seems to be into this thing and you want to know wtf all the hype is about.

If none of this has convinced you, as one of my fellow Serial enthusiasts says, “It’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiight.” Also don’t pretend like you’re not spending your days holed up in your apartment until Spring comes, so you might as well at least catch the first ep.


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