WTF Is Nutritional Yeast?

Recently, I attended a dinner with vegans. That sentence alone should make just about everyone roll their eyes. I don’t trust people who don’t eat cheese, add butter to everything, eat steak, or imbibe certain wines because they aren’t vegan. WTF IS VEGAN WINE?? Riddle: if you meet someone who does Crossfit and is vegan, what do they talk about first? No one knows. 

Apparently the big thing currently crossing from the vegan world to the omnomnomnivore world is nutritional yeast. So like, wtf is it?

Nutritional yeast is yeast that isn’t active anymore – as in, if you added it to a bread making process it wouldn’t do shit (think of this yeast like your ability to work after a blackout – it’s not going to happen). It contains some vitamins but isn’t really a significant source of them – except maybe some B vitamins, the whores of the mineral family.

So why is everyone jizzing their pants over it? Well, the strong flavor of the yeast actually tastes kind of like cheese, so those who don’t partake in the king of dairy products often use the nutty, creamy, cheesy taste as a substitute in foods like potatoes and on popcorn or any other place normal peeps would add cheese.

Plus, for those of us who love cheese but fucking hate how it just goes straight to our thighs, 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast is only about 60 calories. So, like, I’ll actually be buying a lot of this and topping all my foods with it in an attempt to not gain back those three pounds.


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