WTF Is Multi-masking And Does It Involve Work?

Although #Multimasking sounds eerily similar to that thing poor people do, it’s actually kind of perf.

Here’s the brillz reasoning behind it: not all of the skin on your face is the same, so you shouldn't be treating it all with the same mask. Like do you honestly need a pore purifier under your puffy, hungover eye bags? Fuck no, that’s literally insane. Just like your therapist can’t be your hairstylist, life coach, and feng shui consultant all in one, a single mask just isn't going to do it all for you.

So maybe your social life has currently caused your skin to retaliate against you or maybe you're finally starting to look your age (gross). Wherever you are in life/whatever your skin's journey may be, it's time to start #Multimasking. Here’s how you do it:

Buy a mix of some of the most expensive moisturizing skin care masks on the market, like the ones speckled with real gold and Elizabeth Taylor’s tears or something. Then grab one that purifies the shit out of your oily face (anything with clay is a good bet). Then maybe add in a calming and brightening mask in for shits and gigs. Next, put all three, all over your face in different areas. If you're an idiot follow this guide: moisturizing masks on your cheeks, purifying masks on your t-zone, and anything with anti-puffing properties under your eyes.

Basically, #Multimasking’s approach to treating your skin right makes total sense and I’m pretty miffed I didn’t think of it first, but whatever. I'm off to drown my sorrows in a glass of cucumber infused Pinot Grigio, but while I #Multimask, of course.


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