WTF is Happening in Ukraine? And Other Important Political News

Since the Olympics are now over and betches everywhere can stop pretending they actually know/ care about figure skating, we turn our attention to other news.

WTF is happening in Ukraine?

It’s possible that online in the past week you may have seen the video “I am a Ukrainian”. You may have also heard that a volunteer medic at the Ukrainian protests tweeted “I am dying” after being shot.  

Ukraine, you have our attention.

Social media aside, let’s take a look at what’s happening over there. The protests initially began late last year when Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, under pressure from Russia, backed out of a trading deal with the European Union. Following an escalation in violence this past week, on Saturday Yanukovych left the capital and protesters took control of the city’s center. These events have raised serious questions about the future of Ukraine and also what Vladimir Putin’s next move will be.

We can’t comment on Ukraine, but our guess is that no matter what Putin does next, as always, he’s going to look really douchey doing it. Seriously though, does that guy always have that weird half-smile on his face? Read article>>

Uganda passes controversial anti-gay law

While homosexual acts were already illegal in Uganda, the anti-gay bill signed into law by President Museveni toughens penalties, making some acts even punishable by life in prison. Museveni justified his support of the law by saying that he would not allow the West to impose its values on Uganda. He stated, “Now you say 'you must also live like us' — that's where we say no.”

Ironically, Uganda still depends on millions of dollars in aid from the international community. So, basically, western values are okay but only if they come in the form of cash. Read article>>

U.S. helped capture Mexican drug lord by tracking cell phones

Head of Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman (AKA El Chapo), was arrested last week following a 13-year manhunt. While he is currently being held by Mexican authorities, Guzman is wanted in 6 U.S. courts for smuggling billions of dollars of cocaine, meth, heroin, and marijuana across the U.S.-Mexico border.

U.S. officials say leading up to the capture they were able to use the cell phones of other arrested Sinaloa members to help identify Guzman’s hideouts. Apparently, as of February they had bugged 4 out of 5 cell phones used by Guzman’s close associates and, on the day of the capture, Guzman himself was still using one of one of the tapped devices.

And in related news, your dealer just got way more paranoid about using his burner phone… Read article>>


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