WTF Is Going On In Indiana?

If you’ve been doing a super job at #2 Not Keeping Up With The News lately, you might’ve completely missed that Indiana became relevant all of a sudden. Before this week, all we really knew about Indiana was that it had a betchy college (IU), and a capital with a dumb name (Indianapolis). But then their government majorly fucked up, and now they’re all anyone is talking about. But why??

WTF Happened?

Last month, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a “Religious Freedom” law, which basically said that people/businesses didn’t have to do anything that went against their religious beliefs. You’re probably thinking this all makes sense because like, the Pilgrims, right? Not so much.

Why Are People Losing Their Shit?

The problem with the law is that it basically makes it legal to discriminate against anyone because of “religious beliefs.” Like, if Joan’s Cake Shop says they won’t do gay weddings because they’re “good Christian folks,” that’s literally perfectly okay. Like, sucks for Joan because she probably has terrible hair and no gay friends, but she’s not breaking the law.  People like Joan are sad and awful, but apparently there are a lot of them in Indiana.

WTF Happened Pt. 2?

Most of us weren’t planning on going to Indiana anytime soon (thank God), but a lot of people that were said they were boycotting the state and some businesses got threats and shit. Basically Indiana turned into a huge fucking mess. The Final Four was also in Indianapolis this weekend, so the NCAA probs lost a bunch of money or something.

Did They Fix It?

The Governor already signed an amendment to the law that says people can’t use it to discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Basically the worst part of the law is fixed, but all the gross homophobes in Indiana are probably still just as gross and homophobic. The only real betchy solution is probably just to stay out of Indiana, just to be safe. We have a feeling this won’t be too hard. What would Leslie Knope do?




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