WTF Is Free The Nipple?

Apparently aside from horrific Birkenstocks coming back in style, so are nipples. The “Free The Nipple” campaign sparked fire when hipster girls revealing their nipples on Instagram saw their posts banned. The campaign finds it unfair that men on a hot summer day can walk around without a shirt on but women will be arrested if they do the same.

At first glance I thought this campaign was just another way for people to stir up unnecessary trouble. People are fighting for our rights to carry guns in Target and now we want the freedom to walk around topless in public? Why would we need this when there are already too many fabulous tops for us betches to choose from? But upon watching the campaign videos in-between commercial breaks of the Bachelorette, I realized the campaign isn’t just about being able to have a permanent nip slip but censorship in our country as a whole. Why can we see violence on every form of social media but not a nipple? Why can men walk around the city shirtless like they’re in an episode of Jersey Shore but women can’t breastfeed their children on a park bench? I mean personally, I would much rather have my new Celine bag be my newest chic summer accessory not my nipples but…this whole ordeal does beg the question what’s more obscene to see, violence or a nipple?

PS. This was kind of started by Scout Willis, FYI. 

Source: Free The Nipple

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