WTF Is Ariel Winter Wearing?

Ariel Winter, the poor man’s Kylie Jenner, attended the Modern Family season 8 finale screening on Wednesday night wearing… well, we’re not entirely sure. She donned what appears to be your freshman year Cleopatra costume, only she got way too scissor-happy. Like, cold shoulders, a giant boob cutout, and you can tell the seamstress accidentally shortened the skirt a little too much? There is way too much going on here. You need to pick one slutty element—everyone knows you don’t go full thot. 

She accessorized this look with some shiny gold shoes that look like they came from the sale rack of Charlotte Russe, and her signature aura of desperation. I say that because she took a group photo with the rest of the Modern Family cast, and it’s… well, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Modern Family Season 8 Finale

Like, did someone just photoshop Ariel in there? I checked multiple images on Getty, and no. This is real. Did Ariel not get the memo that this was a casual event, or is she just that shameless? Doesn’t she feel at all weird standing basically naked next to a 9-year-old in a church dress and her work parents? Even Lily is like “WTF is this extra bitch wearing?” Seriously, just look at this shade:

Lily Modern Family

Same, Lily. Same. Even Sofia Vergara kept it pretty low-key in a dress that looks like something your mom might wear to a summer wedding.

Sofia Vergara

My personal theory about Ariel Winter is that she’s so scarred by playing a “nerdy” character on TV that she feels the need to constantly remind the world that she can do sexy. And like, girl, WE KNOW. We are aware that just because you play a mousy bookworm doesn’t mean you are one in real life. We all understand the definition of acting. So please, do less—in general, not with your wardrobe.