WTF Is An Ice Bun?

This summer was sunny and hot because, well, it was fucking summer. But apparently, the geniuses at Refinery29 think they have the solution to beating the heat. They are trying to make something called an “ice bun” a thing. 

Steps to create an Ice Bun:

1. Put your hair in a bun
2. Stick an Ice cube into this bun
3. Hope that no one notices there is a steady stream of water dripping from the top of your head down your face as this singular ice cube inevitably melts and gets your hair, face and neck wet
I hate to say it but I do kind of want to try this, but trust me I will only be trying this at the beach or the next outdoor music festival I attend, which are of course the 2 only socially acceptable places to wedge an ice cube into your hair. 

But also, is it just me, or is it really weird how serious this girl’s article is? Like you are telling people to put an ice cube in their hair, I think we deserve at least one Vanilla Ice reference.


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