Worst New Hair Trend: Fire Hair

While pretending to listen to my bestie tell me about all the “ratchet” things she did this weekend (is ratchet still a thing btw?) I scrolled through Buzzfeed on my phone and I found a real gem. “28 Stunning Examples of Perfect Fire Hair.” WTF. So of course I had to do my duty as a betch and stop yet another gross hipster trend in its tracks.

1. If someone who looks like this is dyeing her hair red and yellow, I think that is a sign from Paul Mitchell that you should not do this.

2. That’s just animal abuse.

3. Again, if someone who still wears a plastic chocker (and I can’t even with those piercings) is doing “fire hair”, I am not doing it.

4. This girl looks like a comic book convention slut that went too crazy with that filter on Instagram that used to make everything look like you were literally in the sun.

5. There’s a reason that even Kylie Jenner is not dying her hair like this, you look like a crazy person.


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