Worst New Beauty Trend: People Shaving Slits Into Their Eyebrows

Back at school and bored AF? Search #EyebrowSlits on Instagram and spend 20 minutes judging people who for some reason thought looking like the barber messed up is a good look.

I get that maybe this was cool back when “hip hop” was still a term for the cool kids, but seriously, this is not a good look for basics trying to be “different”. Please stop. This is one of those times where you should just listen to your mom and ignore the hipsters at Buzzfeed. Eyebrow slits are gross and they seem like they are really hard to maintain. Eyebrows grow back pretty fast, like how often are you shaving those tiny lines? Just think what they will look like half grown out. #Gross

If you are bored and feel like following a Pinterest tutorial, just go out and buy a foundation pallet and finally master contouring already.


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