Workout Wear: Be A Total Knockout

If you’re going to go through the trouble of #118 working out, make sure everyone’s going to notice you the second you step in the gym. If everyone isn’t watching you with envy as you run those five miles on the treadmill, did you really just run them? If your leggings aren’t going to catch the attention of the cute trainer, you could be doing a whole other type of marathon in your bed with a Netflix login you got from your friend’s sister’s old college roommate.

I get it, working out isn’t every betch’s thing, but that doesn’t mean I won’t see you in yoga pants and sneakers at a 9am class. Athleisure is perfect for coffee runs, early flights and all those times when you want to look great but don’t want to try. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest active wear out there for a betch, just reading it will work up a sweat.


The pants are the key staple to any betch’s workout look and can definitely make or break an outfit. Printed, colored, or classic; the options are endless. Just make sure they are chic and tight above all else. Sweatpants aren’t all that fits you right now.


These are for the betches whose daily calendars look like a park ranger’s. Yoga in the park, night hikes, and pilates on the beach. You’re definitely the girl who is going to get the invite for green juice afterwards.

Blue Life Laser Cut Leggings // Teeki Deer Medicine Hot Pant // Revolve Tiki Hot Pant


Channel your inner Yolanda Foster with these colorful leggings. If you can pull these off, #proudmommy. They are skin tight and super revealing, so expect a full moon during your downward dog.

Revolve Koral Activewear in white // Zella Live In Leggings in pink cosmos // Revolve Lorna Jane in Blue


Addidas by Stella McCarthy in pink // Addidas by Stella McCarthy in yellow // Addidas by Stella McCarthy in gray

Just because you might be a hot, sweaty mess after your workout, doesn’t mean you’re not a lady anymore. These pretty nude colored pants will keep you looking like you just ran off the runway.


If you don’t have a pair of these, then welcome, first time Betches Love This reader.

Nice Reflection Leggings // Addidas Original Leggings // Lululemon Skinny Groove Pant


Nike has bridged the gap between workout gear and just really chic clothing. I mean, who knows what the creator of Nike meant when they came up with “Just Do It??” Maybe he meant just buy that dress, just take one more shot, just flake out on those plans like a champ one last time. Oh, wait, the slogan is inspired by a killer? (For real, you can google that) Maybe you’d just be better off with a Shop Betches tee. They say I’m just doing it way better than you without all the murder-y vibes.

Nike Logo Scoop Neck // You Can’t Spin with Us Flowy Tank

Turns out there is a pretty sound reason for wearing a jacket to work out, silly science stuff like hypothermia and frostbite. But any real betch knows that the workout jacket is the cherry on top of your perfect outfit. Take them off slowly for a big reveal of your bangin’ bod.

Forever 21 Mesh Paneled Cardio Pullover // Polar Birch Jacket // Victoria Secret Half Zip Jacket in Nectar


You’ve been working hard with your instructor Dale for months now and you’ve earned the right to just go out in your workout bra. Yeah, these used to be practical devices that gave you better support but thank god someone remembered how much we loved dressing like a slut and made these chic enough to wear as an outfit.

Top from left: Forever 21 Medium Impact Abstract Trim Sports Bra //  Incredible by Victorias Secret-Strappy Back Sport Bar // Addidas by Stella McCarthy Crop Top

Bottom from left: Onzie “Chic” Strappy Back Sports Bra // Revolve Snakeskin sports bra // Front Close Sport Bra


Coming home and taking your pants off at the end of the day is one of life’s most pleasurable moments. Doing things in your underwear has been the ultimate joy since cavewomen discovered loincloths, and now you can add another activity to the list of things you can (basically) do in your underwear: work out. No one has felt this free working out since Phoebe ran in the park.

Top from left: Nike Pro Logo Shorts // Lululemon full on boogie roll down shorts // Blue Life Running Short

Bottom from left: Maaji Wild Pineapple Short // Plum Stakes Short


Unless Rihanna hand delivers her new Pumas, stick with the classic Nikes. No one’s ever made a Nike commercial at a Zumba class, but once they see you tearing up the floor in your kicks, they just might, girl.

You can get classic black nikes here: Nike Free 4.0 Flynit Running or if you are feeling creative customize your own, maybe with your high school team nickname, “Girl who doesn’t show up to practice”: Nike Id Custom Shoes


Betches love validation. You look pretty today, they say. Great outfit, everyone tells you. Now your phone can tell you what a rocking’ hot body you have. Plus, as long as you get the gold Tory Burch bracelet that costs twice as much as the accessory itself (Fashion), the Fitbit is super cute, too. Pair these with your ultra cool water bottle (Life hack: Vodka is also clear), and a tote bag, and you’ll be the envy of everyone at Equinox.

Fit Bit Charge with Tory Burch for Fitbit Bracelet

J.Crew Water bottle with silicone sleeve in lilac , burnt red , or mint

Kicking Ass and Forgetting Names Tote // There’s No Way You Woke Up Like That Tote

You’re all set.


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