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As you know, we’ve been working with our favorite beauty brand Soap & Glory to promote a conversation around female empowerment using our Slay Your Pay campaign since last December. So unless you’ve been living under a rock or like, on a serious internet cleanse since then, you’re already well aware of how much we disapprove of the gender pay gap.

As of International Women’s Day, we’ve now decided to tackle a new issue – the overall disparity in female leadership and role models. Not only do we make less money than men for doing the same exact thing, to make matters worse, we don’t even get the chance to even do many of the same things in the first place. For example:

  • Only 14% of American CEOs are women
  • Less than 20% of chefs are women (so it’s unclear where they get that whole ‘women in the kitchen’ thing from)
  • Only 5% of commercial pilots are women
  • Zero percent of American presidents have been women

To put it mildly, sh*t is f*cked up. Okay so maybe not mildly, but definitely accurately.

We’re continuing the conversation surrounding female role models and disproportionate gender representation by women in various fields. In other words, despite being told throughout our childhoods that we can grow up to be anything we want, in reality it’s actually much harder for women in some careers than others. We’ll be talking about this very sad but true reality on Instagram (@betches) and on our Betch Slapped podcast throughout this month, and we want to hear from you.

We want to hear your stories about being underrepresented in your career, discuss your issues, and answer your questions about being a successful and empowered woman at work. Send us your questions, comments, whatever you feel like to [email protected], and of course share with us on Instagram and Twitter (@betchesluvthis).


Soap & Glory has been supporting the Clean of England since 2006, when we decided to formulate fun, world-class quality beauty products that would give every girl the best bang for her beauty budget.  We suggest using Soap & Glory with equal parts happiness and abandon, because we believe while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely.  

The Betches
The Betches
Aleen, Sami, and Jordana are the three co-founders of Betches. Aleen serves as Chief Executive Officer, Sami as Chief Creative Officer, and Jordana as Chief Innovation Officer.