Wiz Khalifah DGAF about Taylor Swift

Wiz Khalifa – Amber Rose's baby daddy and the man who brought us the poetry of “Black and Yellow” – doesn't know a single Taylor Swift song. He was playing Catchphrase with Jimmy trying-to-hard Fallon and had to guess “Shake it off.” His partner's clue was “It's a Taylor Swift song.” For most of us that would have started a verbal avalanche of vague pronouns and break-up verbs (see: Mine, You and Me, Speak Now etc).

But Wiz didn't have a single fucking clue what to do. His facial expression was the same as when I was cut off at bottomless brunch – confusion, mild-amusement, and ready to yell “bye Felicia.” His best guess was “Dance Off,” which will hopefully be a song on the Taylor Swift-Kanye collab.



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