Wiz Khalifa Released A Song Called Uber Driver

Wiz Khalifa made a song featuring Curren$y called “Uber Driver,” presumably about what he’s been doing to pay for child support and his divorce with Amber Rose. Although the song is named after our favorite service industry professionals, Uber is only mentioned in the song, like, three times. You’d think a song called Uber Driver would talk about getting blackout on the drive to the bars, hijacking the driver’s aux cord without asking him first, and being so rich that the 4x surge pricing doesn’t faze you, but no. Basically, the gist is that Wiz calls Uber when he’s too drunk to drive (so like, after he has a hard cider), and when he has too much money burning a hole in his pocket (figuratively) and he just needs to spend it—same, Wiz. Same.

The song is pretty much what you’d expect from a Wiz Khalifa song: 75% of the subject matter is about weed and how much money he has (surprisingly no Bombay references though, something must seriously be wrong). You’d think someone who’s that rich would a) buy a sandwich and b) hire their own personal driver, but I guess you can’t hate on a guy who’s just doing his part to give back to those less fortunate. Either way check out Uber Driver because odds are you’ll probs soon find yourself getting high to it upstairs in some frat guy’s lofted bed.


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