Winky Lux's Unicorn Carnival Is The Makeup Festival Your Dreams Are Made Of

If you’re like me aka betchy af you probs believe to your core that Sundays are for boozy brunching, bitching about the weekend being over, and doing absolutely nothing else. Fucking duh. But for all you NYC betches there’s actually something cool and worth getting off your couch for this coming Sunday. I know, I know. Leaving your room on a Sunday is usually the worst, but trust me on this. K? K. So what is this incredible event worth showering and putting on real clothes for? Winky Lux’s 2nd Annual Unicorn Carnvial at the Coney Arts Walls. You’re welcome in advance.

The whimsical less-work-more-Coachella makeup line’s big event will be a day of everything magic, music, girl power, and makeup (so all shit we love). There’s going to be a braid bar, mani station, and a place to get showered with glitter. We’re talking triple digit-like-worthy stuff, okay? There will be music artists like Justine Skye and Alli Simpson as well as social media influencers (*ahem* us) who can help turn that triple digit-like post I just mentioned into quadruple digs if you play your cards right. And most importantly, we’ll be there selling Shop Betches merch so you can by snarky af tees and tanks, candles and other cool shit designed by us. Tell me a Sunday brunch that does that?

Don't Worry I'll Wait

Tickets are for sale now at for only $25, so like, 1.5 large pizzas from Papa John’s. Not to mention all proceeds go to Social Tees Animal Rescue, a nonprofit that saves abandoned animals from kill shelters until they find forever homes. So if you don’t come we’re going to assume you hate makeup and dogs and you know what that means…

You Can't Sit With Us

If you can’t make it to the Unicorn Festival, RSVP for our Sample Sale on Wednesday, September 13th.