Will Pisces Season Heal Me?: Weekly Horoscopes February 22-26

With Pisces season in full swing, it’s time for all of us to connect to our most creative, compassionate selves. This means digging deep, opening yourselves up to possibilities, and finally letting old wounds heal. This romantic, emotional time is the perfect opportunity to release an old grudge. It’s time to forgive Jason T. for stealing your pencil in second grade. He’s literally a dad now.


What’s that thing they say about patience? It’s a Virgo? It’s a virgin? Whatever. Already taking too long to figure it out. This week your patience (or lack thereof) will be tested, and you may find that waiting actually helps reap greater rewards. Hard for someone who can barely make it through a single TikTok, but it’ll be worth it, I promise.


Go big or go home, Taurus! This is not the week to give into your cautious nature. Opportunities abound, but you have to make sure to actually take them—not just think about taking them while texting every possible outcome to the group chat until it’s too late and the opportunity is already gone anyway. Come on, now.



Have you been holding onto a grudge? Time to let it go, Gemini. This week brings major healing energy, making it the perfect time to send that text and finally bury the hatchet. The last thing you need in your life is one less friend. We’re in a pandemic, after all.


Dynamic duos are the name of the game this week, and you’ll have way more fun if you buddy up. This week is all about collaboration for you, meaning this is the perfect time to get started on a group project or to reach out to your favorite coworker about starting a side hustle. As Mary-Kate and Ashley taught us, two is better than one!


Working yourself to the bone with nothing to show for it? This week, take some time to reassess and see if there are ways you can work smarter (not harder) going forward. A couple hours of concentrated work per day is wayyyy better than a full week of stressing yourself out and half-assing your work as a result. Time to take that to-do list down a notch.


Bragging about yourself isn’t one of your strong suits, but this week you’re going to have to tap into your inner influencer and engage in a little self-promotion. It’s not that hard, we promise. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn a bit this week, whether it be in the group chat or the board room. You’re allowed to be proud of yourself. We promise.


This week is the perfect time for one of your favorite things: telling your loved ones that you love them. If someone has really stepped up to the plate for you this year, whether it be professionally or personally, this is a great week to reach out and tell that person how much it meant to you. As an added bonus, it might totally make their week.


Scorpio??? In a good mood??? *Cue Whitney singing “Impossible” in Cinderella*. This week the sun is shining (figuratively) and luck is on your side. Why not use this natural good cheer to spread it to someone who maybe needs a little pick me up? Joy is basically the only thing we actually want to be spreading right now anyway.


Have you already lost sight of your 2021 goals/did you ever set any in the first place? This week is a great time to re-commit to your commitments, or set a whole new list of goals you’d like to achieve! You are motivated and ready to take on the world. As soon as you can get a vaccine appointment…


This is your week, Capricorn! You are on fire, crushing it both professionally and personally. Pay attention to what brings you to most joy and where you feel the most excited and empowered. Your intuition is on point this week, so anything that makes you happy is definitely worth exploring.


Normally you’re an open book, Aquarius, but this week you might be feeling a bit more solitary. Say it with me now: you’re allowed to want to be alone sometimes. It’s okay not to share all of your feelings the moment you feel them. Allow yourself to be private this week and see what comes up. And if you simply must share, there is this thing called a therapist that might be peeeeerfect for you.


Time to come out of hiding, Pisces. (But please don’t forget to double-mask.) This week has you craving people which, while tricky during These Unprecedented Times, is not impossible. Find a way to reconnect with your core crew and spend some quality time this week, even if it has to be over Zoom.

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Alise Morales
Alise Morales
Alise Morales is a comedy writer and performer. She is the writer of the Betches Sup Newsletter and co-host of the Betches Sup Podcast.