A 'Will & Grace' Revival Could Be Happening

Back when it was still 2016, Leslie Jordan (don’t feel bad if you don’t know him by name because I don’t know who TF that is either) confirmed to radio station KPBS that NBC was poised to revive one of our old time favorites, Will & Grace, for a 10 episode arc airing in July. Exciting right? Well, turns out whoever Leslie Jordan is, he can also add liar to his resume.

According to Vanity Fair, “Looks like hopeful ‘Will & Grace’ fans will have to keep waiting for that rumored revival…On Monday, Debra Messing let one fan down gently on Twitter, saying, ‘sadly,’ that Jordan was mistaken, and that the revival is currently ‘nothing beyond talks.’” Her costar Eric McCormack, otherwise known as Will, echoed her statement with his tweet Sunday, “Nothing official yet.”

Well Leslie Jordan, you got everyone’s hopes up for nothing. Thanks a lot.


Let’s just keep our recently created emoji fingers crossed that NBC actually comes through with this one. 2017 doesn’t have room for false promises.