Why You Should Watch Wet Hot American Summer If You Haven’t Yet

If you haven’t already watched the entire season when this show came out on Netflix last weekend, we’ll assume you were on vaca abroad where this wasn’t available.  Though Netflix has burned us before with their remakes (see: Arrested Development), this show does not disappoint.  Not only is former betch of the week Amy Poehler in this, but so is a deep bench of all-star actors including Bradley Cooper, Judah Friedlander, John Hamm, and Michael Ian Black.

This Netflix series keeps it short and sweet and comes in at just 8 episodes, all leading up as a prequel to the original movie from 2001.  They’re self aware though, and they poke fun at their outdated outfits and basically the whole thing is a big TBT. 

Everybody is old AF and plays a sixteen year old and it works beautifully.  They call out themselves when a suited man talks on an iPhone in court, and everybody’s like WTF is that thing.  Basically the show’s way of saying, “yeah, this may be set decades ago but if something’s off just know that we don’t really give AF”.  Way to do work by not doing work.

Highlight moments from the series includes a hallmark “getting your first period” scene where one of the campers gets her period and immediately becomes a thirty year old woman.  Also, Lake Bell plays the betchy Donna, a popular girl who sends a fuck ton of mixed messages, smokes cigarettes, and gets in a weird threesome with the much older Israeli soccer coach.  Look, pedophilia is no joke, but the actors are also old AF and they are clearly self-aware of the fifteen years that have gone by since the original movie. 

The musical Electro-City, run by Amy Poehler (a supposed teenager) and a creepy old man played by John Slattery, is astoundingly dumb and amazing.  John Early has an unforgettable cameo as a try-hard musical theater guy who takes himself way too seriously at a young age.

The outfits are on fleek and the camp references have us dying. So if you’re bored or want to TBT to your camp days wearing puka shell necklaces, watch this show. Just be careful because once you start one you’re going to watch the entire thing


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