Why You Should Stop Keeping Track of Your Number

At some point in our lives, the question “What’s your number?” stopped referring to your phone number and started referring to the tally of guys we’ve hooked up with.  And while in theory, there is no right number, we compare ours nonetheless with our friends and worry about whether it’s too high or too low. But the thing is, it really doesn’t matter.

I mean, when you’re in college, we kept track because it was hard not to.  But you should stop keeping track of your number, because there’s really no reason you should be counting. For one thing, it’s misleading.

Having a higher number doesn’t make you a slut, nor does it mean you are more experienced. Not that either of those are necessarily good or bad – but they’re just not true. If you dated someone for 4 years of college, you might have a much lower number than someone who stayed single –even if they only slept with each of those people once. Your number might be in the single digits, but being in a long-term relationship means you have much more experience. 

On the flipside of that, your number might be higher than average, but they may have mostly been one night stands. Out of 52 weekends in a year, as a single betch, even if you don’t fuck any bros 40 weeks in a row, you could still end up hitting double digits in a year. If you sleep with someone 6 weekends out of a year, you’re turning down bros 90% of the time, yet in 4 years of college, you’d be at 24 sex partners. 90% is pretty selective, yet your number would lead others to believe the opposite.

The point being, using a number is an extremely arbitrary way of deciding your worth as a woman, so you should just stop keeping track. Not only does it give other people a way to compare you to someone else, but there is no way to “win” at all.  And betches only like to win.

Plus, it feeds into the notion that your number has an effect on your value as a potential partner, when in reality it does not. If it were up to bros, every betch they ever slept with would have only ever slept with them, but also aren’t like actual virgins, and that’s pretty much impossible.

Counting is for people with OCD and gambling addictions. Stop counting. And if anyone asks, give them your phone number.


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