Why You Should Role Play More In The Bedroom

Admit it betches, we all love a little bit of drama. It’s why shows like Real Housewives and Bachelor in Paradise are so awfully good. In high school the theater kids might have seemed like freaks but now that we’re older, who doesn’t love a little bit of acting?  And we don’t just mean in life, we’re talking about sex.

Even though most of the time you’re not sleeping with bros, you sometimes find a bro that’s chill enough to hang around for a while.  If you are seeing each other regularly, you’re obviously having great sex, but after a while it’s fun to get a little kinkier.  That’s where role play comes in.

Besides lube, roleplaying is one of the best secret weapons of having more fun when it comes to sex. When you roleplay in the bedroom, you get to explore scenarios with your partner and act out fantasies without putting yourself in any actual danger.  We say danger because a lot of roleplaying is innocent girl being talked into sex – even though this is horrible in real life, it turns a lot of us on when it’s in our imagination.  You’d never ask your partner to take advantage of you, at least not while you’re both playing yourselves.  But once he’s got his cop uniform on, well things might be a little bit different.

For betches, sex is a lot about context and emotion, so roleplaying taps into that part of your brain. But it’s also great for bros, considering all the porn they watch is set in ridiculous scenarios anyways, and roleplaying will tap into that part of their brain.  You know, the part that loves porn so much.

It’s no secret that betches love dressing up.  I mean Halloween is like the best holiday of the year. When you work roleplay into the bedroom, you don’t have to decide on one costume once a year, because you can put on a slutty nurse, schoolgirl, or secretary any time of year.  You can dress like a slut and know that every time he sees a school girl costume, he’s going to be thinking of you.

When you roleplay, you also feel free to get kinky without feeling judged. That’s because you’re playing a character and not yourself, and you can say shit you normally wouldn’t say.  And you’re less likely to be like WTF when your partner tries something new because it’s all in character.  Therefore, both of you have more fun and let loose without worrying about making a wrong move.  The whole situation is new, so everything else is just included.

Roleplaying is like trying on different sex just for fun, but knowing you can always go back to your regular selves.  Just because choking was introduced when you were a nurse and he was a doctor, for example, doesn’t mean it’s like a staple now, if you decide you’re not into it. It’s also a great way to find out what really turns your partner on when it comes to sex. Does he ask for your permission a lot in character? Maybe he’s into you bossing him around. That might be a good note for the future.

Chances are you’ve tried it before, but it’s always a little awkward starting a scenario without planning ahead. But planning ahead is boring. If you’re looking to work more roleplay into your love life, start by talking about your fantasies with each other. Once you have an idea of what he’s into and he knows what you’re into, you can spring one of the scenarios on him on a random night.  All you have to say is “Remember when you told me about your secretary fantasy? Well… I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Just remember that when it comes to sex, be yourself, except when you’re dressed as a slutty flight attendant.