Why You Should Never Cheat

In light of all the Ashley Madison threats recently, the idea of infidelity has been questioned on the Internet. I mean, it always has, but it’s especially timely now.  It’s common knowledge that everyone hates cheaters, but when you break down a cheater on an individual level, the lines get blurry.  Because people are human, and circumstances change, and blah blah blah.

Sometimes people cheat out of insecurity, or because they know they are being cheated on. But betches beware, cheating is like losing your virginity: once you do it you can’t go back.  Once you pop your cherry, you’re no longer a virgin, and in this case, you’re forever a cheater. No amount of time or apologies or years of loyalty will ever change the fact that you’re a cheater.

The biggest reason not to cheat is because duh, it fucking sucks to be cheated on.  Unfortunately, if you’ve ever had this happen, you’ll know it makes you feel powerless.  And betches like control. So it might make sense to feel the need to take back that control by doing the same yourself, but this is a dangerous road. By cheating, you’re adding yourself to the problem.

When someone cheats in a relationship, people are quick to say, “Well something must have been wrong anyways.”  This is most definitely true – what’s wrong is there is no trust.  Look, a text breakup isn’t great, but it’s still better than getting cheated on. If you find yourself wanting to cheat because, IDK you met Ryan Gosling and he’s into you, it’s still better to send a courtesy “we’re breaking up” text than to cheat and then ask for forgiveness. Would you rather get a text saying “it’s over” or find out later that your boyfriend was cheating on you for the last 3 months you dated?  Neither are ideal, but at least in the first option, he didn’t waste your time or lie to you.

Look at it this way: this goes beyond you. Men who have been cheated on are going to take it out on the rest of their relationships.  By ruining the trust, you’re ruining his ability to trust his future girlfriends. Why does this matter? Because if you’ve ever been in a casual situationship with a guy who has commitment and trust issues, chances are he thinks his behavior is justified because some ex of his broke his heart in a bad way.  His behavior becomes validated when you choose to stay with him, and then men everywhere think this is okay.  But it’s not.

If you feel the urge to cheat, you’re probably in a shitty relationship. Betches don’t have time for shitty relationships, so literally GTFO of there.


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