Why You NEED To Read Dirty Rush

First, I should say that I’m still kind of pinching my tits that I was even asked to write something for this shit. My best friend, Jonah, and I love the Betches, always have, always will. But no one cares, right? We all do and it’s like whatever, what is this girl talking about, who even is she?

My name is Taylor Bell and I wrote a book about my first year in college (last year) and what happened to me when I got the shit dirty rushed out of me and I ended up joining a sorority, something I swore on my dead dog’s grave I’d never do. Rest in peace, Nicholas. If you don’t know what dirty rushing is then you should read the book and find out. It’s called, wait for it, DIRTY RUSH. It was eeeeeasily the most fucked up year of my life in the best and worst ways possible. I had to do something about it. So, lol I guess I wrote a book.

I want this to be a call to all girls who have EVER looked back on the last year, semester, month, week, minute of their lives and thought: Wait, no. Really? No. Wait. Why me? I need to talk about this immediately.

Write everything down, take one hundred billion photos, curate monthly playlists that capture the vibe du month, and try to remember as much as you can. Writing this book put everything in perspective for me. It has also sort of turned out to be a sweet revenge tool on some of the more basic people in my life. Not to mention, there are certain parts that still make me cry when I go back, read, and remember them.

Record your life. If only just to give it some legitimacy and purpose. No offense, I’m sure everyone reading this leads remarkably meaningful and legitimate lives.

I’m gonna sign off because my pizza is here. Until next time.

Love TB

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